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Why air pollution is an issue – And how BreezoMeter can help

Shahar Polak

Air Pollution in Tel Aviv “5th Floor View of Tel Aviv on High Air Pollution Day in Early March.” Photograph by Emily Taubenblatt

A quick skim of recent headlines will reveal air pollution as a pressing issue in a myriad of diverse cities around the world. Air pollution is affecting our global community from Beijing and New Delhi, to London and Los Angeles, to right here in Tel Aviv. Poor air quality can lead to a vast number of health issues, especially heart and lung diseases. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, air pollution caused an estimated 7 million deaths in 2012. That is 1 in every 8 deaths, and 80% of them were caused by heart disease or strokes as a result of air pollution. Air pollution has also caused cases of asthma to increase, especially among children. A study at UCSF revealed that early exposure to pollution increases the risk of developing asthma by 17%. The longer we go without addressing the air quality problem, the more serious things will get.

So it is now more important than ever to make lifestyle changes to account for the risks associated with air pollution. That is where BreezoMeter comes in. BreezoMeter is not just a medium for communicating air quality indexes to the public. It also shows specific changes in air quality in space and time, so that users can determine what routes to take throughout their daily lives, when to enjoy the outdoors, and what areas to avoid. Perhaps most importantly, BreezoMeter provides health guidelines based on the current air conditions. Users don’t need to know anything about air pollution or how to handle it. BreezoMeter does all that automatically. When it hits the app store, BreezoMeter is going to revolutionize the world of public health.


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