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4th of July Firework Pollution: Let’s Talk About Holiday Traditions
By Dr Gabriela Adler Katz on July 3, 2022

Fireworks are used all around the world for festive occasions, but some events - like 4th July in the US - can experience a significant uptick due to...

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BreezoMeter & Airthings Uncover the Worst US Cities for Asthma Sufferers in 2021
By Natalie Freudmann on June 28, 2022

We are excited to officially share our latest report in partnership with the indoor air monitoring experts, Airthings! Based on surveys and our own...

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Smoke From a Wildfire: Can This Trigger Allergies?
By Yam Meirovitz on June 26, 2022

Fire smoke is a serious health concern and although it’s not technically classified as an allergen, it can invade our respiratory system just like...

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Sick Building Syndrome: Causes & Prevention
By Tamir Kessel on June 19, 2022

Sick Building Syndrome impacts the health, wellness, and productivity of many building occupants across the world. But why is diagnosing this...

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What Is Your Business Doing For Clean Air Day?
By Amalia Helen on June 13, 2022

Clean Air Day brings together different communities, businesses, educational institutes, and health sector facilities to participate in the largest...

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Why You Should Care About The Latest IPCC Report
By Eli Ginsburg on June 7, 2022

We’re already experiencing the impact of climate change across the world; now an update from the IPCC suggests weather extremes could become the norm...

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Allergy Awareness Week: Guide For Businesses
By Daniel Leveson on June 2, 2022

While people living with allergies are unlikely to need a reminder of this, allergy awareness week helps draw attention to a condition that a large...

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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Trends in 2022 [Guide]
By Amalia Helen on May 30, 2022

In our brand new guide, we examine the key commercial indoor air quality market trends of 2022. With input from industry veteran, Itzhak Maor, we...

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