Webinar! Air Quality Insights for Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare

Take 100 people and put them in the same polluted spot outside. The poor air quality will affect them all. How is a bit harder to predict. Our individual responses to the environment around us, coupled with diverse lifestyle patterns, has presented a challenge for healthcare companies looking to deliver personalized treatment for a long time.

Our on-demand webinar explores how person-specific air quality insights can help to solve this problem, driving disruptive innovation in healthcare.

Why We Held this Webinar

Until recently, treatment providers were dealing with an informational gap. Without high-resolution, hourly updated environmental intelligence it was almost impossible to fully understand the symptoms of many patients –  especially for sufferers of chronic disease like allergy, asthma, heart conditions and COPD.

Luckily, environmental monitoring technology, big data and AI has made strides over the last few years, progressing to the point that real-time, historical and predictive environmental intelligence can be reliably leveraged for a wide range of internal and external healthcare use cases.

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What We Talked About

1. Challenges Facing Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Companies

If you’re working in the healthcare or pharmaceutical space, you’ll already be familiar with some of the challenges still facing providers in 2020: Keeping up with the digital rat race, getting in front of the right people at the right time in the right place, keeping patients engaged with treatment plans, and the difficult reality of developing truly individualized treatment solutions.

2. Why Digital Connectivity & IoT in Healthcare Represents the Future

We explore current and predicted trends around the use of IoT technology in healthcare and explain how leading brands are transforming previously ‘unconnected’ healthcare solutions and products in innovative digital ways.

The end result is improved patient engagement, better health outcomes, improved ROI and richer clinical research.

3. Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare: Real-World Examples

BreezoMeter is proud to work with a number of leading healthcare brands that are leading the charge when it comes to disruptive innovation in healthcare.

Our air quality and industry experts talk through real-life examples from digital health leaders such as ALK, LifeMap Solutions and more!

Q&A Session 

At the end of the webinar session, we held a live Q&A session with participants who were responded to directly by our industry and air quality experts.

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