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Webinar! Why Your Business Needs Pollen Forecast Reporting

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By Ronit Margulies on October, 28 2020
Pollen Forecast Reporting

What is pollen? How does it get measured? How do businesses increase engagement with pollen data? Find the answers to these questions and more in our dedicated pollen webinar - led by our own pollen expert, Dr Amir Paster!

Why We Held this Webinar

We created this on-demand webinar to provide an easy launchpad for business professionals looking to learn more about scientific pollen concepts, measurement techniques & real-world business use cases for pollen data.

a) Scientific 101 Introduction to Pollen

Dr Amir Paster, Environmental Modeling Specialist and BreezoMeter’s own resident pollen expert, provides an introduction to some of the key scientific topics in this area:


  • What exactly is pollen & where does it come from?

  • How big is pollen in relation to other particles?

  • How does pollen spread?

  • The common questions about pollen allergy.

  • Why it is so difficult to predict pollen season.

  • Why pollen levels can vary dramatically according to the micro-local climate.

  • The impact of weather on pollen emission and dispersion.

b) The Increasing Demand for Actionable Pollen Information

Our experts describe the harmful health impact of pollen exposure for sensitive individuals and explain why specific trends could lead to an increase in demand for actionable pollen information  in the coming years.

c) Traditional Methods of Pollen Measurement vs. BreezoMeter

Dr Amir Paster explains the manual nature of traditional pollen reporting methods and its limitations when it comes to driving response in the here & now.

We then explain how BreezoMeter’s unique approach to pollen reporting overcomes some of these traditional reporting challenges (e.g. by factoring in meteorological data).

d) How Businesses Benefit from Live & Forecast Pollen Data Integrations

Learn how ALK, the allergy pharmaceutical leader empowers app users with 360° environmental intelligence. We also explore additional use cases  for dynamic advertising, in-depth research, user-engagement and personalized experiences.

Q&A Session 

At the end of the webinar session, we held a live Q&A session with participants who were responded to directly by our industry and air quality experts.

For the answers to these questions and unmissable insights, listen back to the session below!

Pollen & Seasonal Allergy Webinar


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