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WeatherBug Launches Air Quality Data

Uri Schechterman
WeatherBug Air Quality Launch BreezoMeter

BreezoMeter Powers Air Quality Data for Hyperlocal Weather Leader WeatherBug

BreezoMeter is pleased to announce a new partnership with hyperlocal, live-weather provider WeatherBug. With more than 20 million unique users per month, WeatherBug has the ability to reach many users and informing them about what is in the air they breathe at the same time as they check the weather around them.

Via BreezoMeter’s API, WeatherBug is providing multiple air quality features to their global users on web and mobile apps, such as:

Intuitive & Interactive Heatmaps

To help users visualize air pollution, wherever they are.

Air Pollution Forecast Information

To know how to plan your schedule, not just around the weather, but also around what is in the air you breathe.

Actionable Health Recommendations

Per population segment. Some people, including children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with heart and lung diseases, are more susceptible to air pollution, and must be even more aware of the air they breathe in order to take care of their health.

Global Air Quality Index (AQI)

Regardless of where in the world a user wants to see the air pollution levels, they will see a unified 0-100 (poor to excellent) AQI, that is color-coded and simply communicated.

Combining layers of data, including governmental monitoring stations, satellite data, traffic conditions, air dispersion models and more, BreezoMeter is able to provide WeatherBug users with additional and imperative information for planning their days, in real-time, and based on their location.

New Call-to-action

Olivier Vincent, President and General Manager of WeatherBug highlights:

At WeatherBug, our vision is to deliver the ultimate weather experience for all aspects of people’s lives, and we know that including BreezoMeter's highly accurate, location-based air quality data across our platforms will increase the value of our product, and has the ability to positively affect the health of our consumers.

Read WeatherBug's full PR statement here.

“WeatherBug has always been regarded as the innovative leader in weather data, and has one of the highest rated apps in the industry. Our partnership with BreezoMeter reaffirms WeatherBug's commitment to innovation, accuracy, and quality,” says Uri Schechterman, of BreezoMeter’s Business Development team.

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