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Using BreezoMeter's API - CODE 2015 example

Shahar Polak

BreezoMeter Air Quality API is being used in many different ways and platforms: weather, fitness, health, real estate and more. A recent Hackathon that was held in Canada used the data in a very creative way.

The Hackaton, named CODE 2015, was super interesting because it was all about using governmental data.

It was defined as: "The Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE) is an intense 48-hour coding sprint where innovators from coast to coast compete to build the best app utilizing federal government data from Canada's Open Government portal."

Andrea Robertson, Charles Fritz, Jim McDiarmid and Clark Van Oyen of Ecotrust Canada, who participated in the Hackaton, requested our API in order to create the "HypochondriApp".

HypochondriApp aims to compare local risks with public perceptions.

HypochondriApp HypochondriApp

The app shows you all the risk factors for your health at every region in Canada. For example when clicking on Montérégie, QC you get the percentage of the population that suffer from:

  • Exposure to second-hand smoke at home (7.7%)
  • High stress (25.8%)
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -COPD (4.1%)
  • And many many more!

The developers also decided to integrate BreezoMeter's air quality data as part of the health data, at the moment we checked the air quality was fair (huurraaayyy!!)

Air Quality in Montérégie, QC Air Quality in Montérégie, QC


HypochondriApp will not leave you breathless but also provide you with what you can do in order to minimize your exposure and improve your health.

CODE2015 is a great initiative that demonstrate the huge big data problem governments face. Websites like HypochondriApp could help citizens make informed choices about their health, therefore at the end - save money to themselves  and the government.







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