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Using BreezoMeter's Air Pollution API

The beautiful thing about releasing an API is that you know how it starts, but you can never guess how it will end. I am not saying that as a cliche, it’s just that developers are so creative, that you can’t really expect or foresee the results of their work. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t guess BreezoMeter’s Air Quality API will be used for Slack, our favorite team communication platform. And also didn't thought it will use developers, like Jonathan Zook, as a test assignment, in a mobile development program. Jonathan told me that "Breezometer air pollution API was the most interesting" and that's why he chose it to build an application on. "The instructor and other students were surprised on the useful information available" says Jonathan.

Anyway, Jonathan prepared a well-explained video about how to integrate BreezoMeter's Air Quality API, check it out:




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