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We're so glad you want to stay up-to-date on air quality and air pollution news. Here at BreezoMeter, we are dedicated to helping billions of people around the world decrease their exposure to the harmful affects of air pollution.

As the WHO reports, "more than 80% of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality levels that exceed the World Health Organization limits." So as we help more companies integrate air quality and pollen data into their products, we're reaching more people with actionable health recommendations.

Trending articles in Air Quality News

There seems to be an endless stream of news about air pollution and pollen, so we want to help highlight some of the most interesting pieces. Follow us on twitter @breezometer, and let us know what you're reading!

Know what's in the air you breathe, and in air quality news.

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Check out these top trending air quality news articles to see what kind of impact helping keep your customers informed of air quality and pollen can have on your bottom line.

1. Is pollen making you less safe on the road?

Drivers beware! It's allergy season in many parts of the world, and UK motorists have it extra hard now, with high pollen levels. "The current pollen boom means motorists are going to be desperately relying on their antihistamines to keep their symptoms at bay." Make sure your sensitive customers know the pollen levels and how to avoid exposure, to reduce health risks, and any risk of drug side-effects while on the road. @christorney Full article here.

2. A new start-up turns air pollution into ink

Turning air pollution into art, this start-up created a device that collects soot from the exhaust pipes of diesel cars and portable generators, mixes it with solvents, and turns it into ink you can write and make art with. If that piques your interest, you can read more here via @NatGeo. Follow them on twitter @gravikylabs.

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3. The UK needs to get smarter in dealing with air pollution

Motorists at the pump are perhaps unduly blamed for air pollution. How will the UK address the increasing air pollution problem, without penalizing drivers? Who should pay? via @TheRAC_UK Get the full story.

4. Smart Cities, Scalable Solutions

Houston suffers ongoing problems with air pollution, and is now willing to try to tackle the problem with hi-tech, and innovative hyperlocal air pollution solutions. It’s sprawling petrochemical network, busy port, car-dependent culture, and climate all combine to form lung-damaging smog. That said, "Houston’s openness to collect air pollution data at scale has the potential to inspire a groundswell of air pollution action." We are excited when we learn about cities taking action to protect their citizens against air pollution, and the first step is awareness and data. Article via @forbes Full story here.

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5. More exercise and cleaner air? Bike superhighways in London boroughs

This article by @peterwalker99 discusses a transportation experiment in the outer boroughs of London, which is proving effective for people's health, by increasing biking and walking during the week, but also for air quality in these now more "Liveable Neighborhoods." By closing roads to through-vehicular-traffic, bikers and pedestrians don't have to share the air with as much exhaust, and don't create any of their own. The controversial model, deemed "mini-Holland," is not creating additional congestion so far, and is encouraging increased physical activity. Find out more.

6. Canadian air pollution improving, but setbacks with 2017 wildfires

It's not surprising that wildfire season consistently impacts people's health, especially those in sensitive groups like people who have pre-existing conditions like asthma. What might be surprising is that after the fires, after the particulate matter from the plumes of smoke have cleared, the air is not necessarily clean and back to normal. Find out more from BreezoMeter's Co-Founder and CMO and read about the affects of the 2017 wildfires in Canada, via @torontostar. Read more here.

7. India air pollution is off the charts

It seems like a necessity to mention India when talking about air pollution news. This article discusses a series of conditions like sand and dust plumes, that made the bad air quality even worse in New Delhi, maxing out sensors and creating a hazardous air environment, via @themadstone Read more here.

Air quality news in India reports hazardous levels of particulate matter

8. Air quality in UK's most popular cars is toxic

On the road, drivers and passengers are exposed to high levels of air pollution from other cars. Some of the UK's most popular cars trap particulate matter in the cabin air and don't effectively filter it, leaving drivers exposed to many toxic particles. There is not a government standard for air-filtration systems. Cars differ significantly from 1% to 90% removal of pollutants. By @Jonathan__Leake, via @thesundaytimes. Continue to article.

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Make sure the check out these articles (and the ones here too) and follow these thought leaders. When it comes to your customers' health and well-being, integrating air quality data into your apps and products can help your customers stay healthier and make smarter decisions for themselves and their families.

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