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Top 8 Trending Air Quality Articles, from BreezoMeter

Julie Ach
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People are becoming more and more interested and aware of air pollution and are ready to learn the hard truths about the health effects it can cause.

Part of our mission at BreezoMeter is to help improve the lives of billions of people around the world, by helping them know what is in the air they breathe, thus giving them information and recommendations to reduce their exposure to harmful airborne pollutants. As businesses, you need to know in what your end users are interested, and how you can leverage your products and services to positively impact their health and lives.

8 Top Trends in Air Quality News

Check out these top trending air quality articles from the last few weeks, to see what kind of impact helping keep your customers informed of air quality can have on your bottom line.

1. Is air pollution making you sick? 4 questions answered

A great place to start, this piece by Richard E. Peltier, associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst offers answers to some of the most pertinent questions relating to air pollution, what we know about it, and how it affects our health. Read more about the air pollution that might be making us sick via @ConversationUS Full article here.

2. Chemicals in skin and hair products contribute to air pollution

Chemicals in the skin and hair products we use every day contribute to air pollution, and this article via @EarthDotCom explains how this happens, and what we can do about it. It all starts with the personal care products we use, like shampoos and lotions, but extends to other products like paints, household cleaners and pesticides. Great information from @ChrissydSexton! Read more here.

Learn about anti-pollution skincare and check out BreezoMeter’s partnership with Dermalogica.

Air pollution API for Cosmetics, Dermalogica Use CaseRead the case study

3. Air pollution disrupts our sleep, says new study

Air pollution might not just be affecting your health, but also disrupting your sleep. This new research has found yet another way that the current levels of air pollution are impacting your sleep. Read the whole story via @inquirerdotnet Get the full story.

4. WHO reveals shocking figures on air pollution deaths

You may want to put on a gas mask after you read the latest report on urban air pollution from the World Health Organization @WHO - The results are striking, and paint a picture of the landscape we’ve created and need to change. While we do that, make sure that you are helping your customers reduce their exposure to these harmful pollutants, by integrating air pollution data in your products. Article by @PamelaFalk via @CBSNews Full story here.

5. 8 Places where air pollution can ruin your trip

A piece by @shanmcmahon_ via @SmarterTravel that can help inform your next travel plans. If your customers are sensitive to air pollution because they have asthma or other respiratory ailments, are young, old or really anywhere in between, make sure that they have the tools they need to make the best decisions for their travel plans. Travel and vacation should be a time of renewal and discovery, not stress from breathing and health difficulties. See more details here about how some of the top travel destinations and their air pollution afflictions:  Find out more.


6. Breathe easy: 4 ways European cities are battling smoggy streets

It’s not the first time you have heard that poor air quality can have a serious impact on the health of your customers. Take a look at some of the ideas European cities have come up with to battle smoggy streets, like making public transportation free or giving preference to electric cars at traffic lights. These ideas won’t necessarily have drastic impact on air pollution, but the awareness they drive can be the catalyst to positive change via @HitachiEurope. Read more here.

7. Face masks available to consumers may be ineffective against air pollution

Have you wondered before if face masks available to consumers are effective against air pollution? This piece suggests that they might not be - another reason why knowing what is in the air you breathe outside before you finalize your plans might be even more important, via @Reuters_Health  More here.

8. Pollutionwatch: spring is often the worst time in UK for air pollution

Spring is often the worst time in UK for air pollution, when ammonia levels are highest, and the changing weather might delay and extend some of the worst effects. By @drgaryfuller, via @guardian Continue to article.


Make sure the check out these articles and follow these thought leaders when it comes to your customers' health and well-being.

Integrating air quality data into your apps and products can help your customers stay healthier and make smarter decisions for themselves and their families.

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