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Topic: Wildfires

Are Wildfires Getting Worse Due to Climate Change?
By Dr. Yvonne Boose on July 12, 2021

A significant body of research suggests that the likelihood and impact of wildfires are worse today as a result of climate change. Let’s examine some...

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Extreme Weather & Wildfires: We Must Show the Whole Environmental Picture
By Paul Walsh on July 7, 2021

As heatwaves, wildfires, and extreme weather conditions create nightmare scenarios for residents and businesses in the Northern Hemisphere, it's...

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Farming & Fires: Understanding Southeast Asia’s Seasonal Smoke Haze
By Dr Gabriela Adler Katz on September 8, 2020

Each year, multiple countries across Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific suffer from extremely poor air quality for months on end. This poor air...

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California Wildfires: When Inaccurate Air Quality Information is Worse than No Information
By Ran Korber on September 3, 2020

In a raging start to California’s fire season, BreezoMeter has emerged as the only provider to show the live, rapid impact of toxic wildfire smoke on...

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Are Low-Cost Sensors Reliable for Smoke Monitoring?
By Dr. Yvonne Boose on September 2, 2020

An increasing number of air quality data providers are making use of low-cost air pollution sensors for monitoring smoke travel during wildfire...

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When Timely Information Can Save Lives: BreezoMeter's Wildfires API
By Amit Lesman on August 27, 2020

Our experienced scientists at BreezoMeter have developed a comprehensive and unified Wildfires API to address the growing threat of rapidly spreading...

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How to Protect Patients from Wildfire Smoke Inhalation
By Tamir Kessel on August 12, 2020

Smoke inhalation isn’t healthy for any of us but short-term exposure for certain vulnerable patients can be particularly severe. What can health...

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Australia's Bushfires: How do we fight the smoke pollution?
By Emil Fisher on January 8, 2020

In 2019, there was a lot of talk about the destructive wildfires across the West Coast of the US and the Amazon rainforest and whether or not these...

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