boreal forest zombie fires

Zombie Fires & Climate Change in the Arctic

It sounds like something out of an apocalyptic tale, but we assure you zombie fires do exist. I had the pleasure of interviewing Earth Scientist & Associate Professor, Dr. Sander Veraverbeke to learn more about this rare phenomenon and climate…

Wildfires + air pollution in Australia

How To Fight Bushfires & Air Pollution In Australia

As climate change makes global fire seasons more unpredictable, Australia, no stranger to bushfires, has arguably seen some of the worst devastation in recent years. We look at how air pollution in Australia impacts the region and how environmental monitoring…

Breezometer Wildfire Spotting

BreezoMeter Adds Enhanced Fire Tracking!

To significantly amplify our current fire spotting capabilities, we have just released our Enhanced Fire Tracking feature. While we continue to track & monitor wildfire progressions in real-time from the very early stages of fire indication, now we can spot…

Wildfire Prediction

How Do Wildfires Start & Can We Predict Them?

As climate change makes annual wildfire seasons longer and more devastating, predicting when and where these disastrous blazes will spread has become crucial. But is it actually possible to do this? How can wildfires be predicted?

Firefighter & Wildfire

BreezoMeter’s Guide To Understanding Wildfires

With increasingly unpredictable global wildfire seasons garnering more public attention, many questions emerge about the climate change correlation, different health impacts, and how sustainable, climate resilient solutions can help protect people, infrastructure, and properties from these extreme environmental events. We…