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Topic: Weather Climate Change

Dr Yvonne Boose Explains Why Climate Change is Bad for Health
By Dr. Yvonne Boose on April 22, 2021

This year's Earth Day was all about 'restoring our earth' by raising awareness of climate change and the impact it has on our ecosystems, societies...

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How Weather, Pollen & Climate Change Work Together to Make Us Sick
By Dr. Yvonne Boose on March 10, 2021

We explore the ideal conditions for allergic pollen to spread, and explain the growing importance of predictive modelling & AI for delivering...

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Air Pollution & Climate Change: Global Phenomena, Individual Consequences
By Amalia Helen on March 1, 2021

Climate changes happening around the world and their associated impact on the air we breathe affects us all in some way, but not in the same way. 

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Air Pollution on a Rainy Day: Understanding Weather & Air Quality
By Ran Korber on December 30, 2019

While the sources of air pollution themselves can be man-made (car traffic and industrial activity) or natural (pollen and bushfires) , weather can...

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Summer Air Pollution Trends: Factors Affecting Air Quality
By Amalia Helen on August 6, 2019

Since poor air can have a major impact on public health, it’s important to understand how pollution levels can be affected by the changing seasons....

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The Science Behind Environmental Data: Your Questions Answered
By Amalia Helen on July 18, 2019

As a leading environmental data company, we get a lot of questions about the information we provide at BreezoMeter and the sources we use to do it.

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WeatherBug Launches Air Quality Data with BreezoMeter
By Ran Korber on March 28, 2018

BreezoMeter is pleased to announce a new partnership with hyper-local and live-weather provider WeatherBug. With more than 20 million unique users...

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What Does a Winter Storm Do to Air Pollution?
By Idit Lowenstein on March 9, 2018

With winter storms sweeping across Europe, you might be wondering what the affect is on outdoor air pollution levels. The answer depends on the...

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