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Topic: Seasonal Allergy

Pollen-Sensitive Groups in the Time of COVID-19
By Dr Amir Paster on April 21, 2020

It’s Spring Allergy Awareness week in the UK and the focus of the campaign this year is COVID-19 and its implications for allergic conditions like...

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Taisho Pharmaceutical Helps Japan's Pollen Allergy Sufferers Cope
By Amalia Helen on March 31, 2020

Using BreezoMeter’s live pollen information, Taisho Pharmaceutical has launched a brand new (and free) pollen tracker, providing Japan's allergy...

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How Weather and Pollen Work Together to Make Us Sick
By Dr Amir Paster on February 5, 2020

Dry weather and rain alike can potentially raise pollen counts, but precise, timely data can help ward off allergy symptoms.

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How We Dramatically Improved Pollen Tracking in 2019
By Dr Amir Paster on November 28, 2019

It is essential that sensitive groups have the information they need to make informed decisions concerning their health when pollen levels are high....

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Mapping Allergies: Innovation in Pollen Data
By Idit Lowenstein on July 19, 2018

What if there were a way to reduce the negative impact of seasonal allergies, just by knowing what is in the air? What if you could reduce allergy...

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A Warm Welcome to Pollen: the Newest Addition to our API
By Ran Korber on March 23, 2017

This year, we have another good reason to be excited about the pollen season.Here is a quick overview on pollen, to give you the full brief on this...

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Series A funding means global expansion and new product line
By Ran Korber on December 19, 2016

Four years ago, I began searching for a house to buy. But not just any house: my wife has asthma and she was pregnant. As an environmental engineer,...

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