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Topic: Indoor Air Quality

Indoor vs. Outdoor Air Quality: What’s Worse + Why?
By Eli Ginsburg on May 16, 2022

Human bodies don’t care whether they're exposed to air pollution indoors or while we’re taking a walk outside. It all has a health impact. For this...

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Residential Indoor Air Quality Trends in 2022 [Guide]
By Daniel Leveson on March 2, 2022

In our latest guide, we reflect on the state of play of the residential indoor air quality market in 2022: We explore key consumer buying trends, new...

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Why Does Air Quality Matter for Real Estate?
By Soli Hasin on February 8, 2022

Perhaps the most popular words real estate professionals utter to potential buyers is “location, location, location.” In real estate, location is...

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Environmental Analytics: The New Tool for Healthy Office Environments
By Daniel Leveson on January 3, 2022

COVID-19 is still with us, and more links are emerging between building health and employee health all the time. Looking forward, we predict indoor...

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Healthy Indoor Air & Environmental Analytics: The New School Revolution?
By Tamir Kessel on December 22, 2021

As colder months set in and increasing rates of COVID-19 infection make healthy indoor air a matter of global urgent priority once again, many...

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BreezoMeter's Guide to Indoor Air Quality & Smart Home IoT
By Daniel Leveson on November 13, 2021

What is the indoor-outdoor air pollution continuum? Where is the IAQ market headed? Why do smart home brands develop connected indoor air products?

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International ‘Walk To School’ Month Sounds Alarm on Pollution Risk Near Schools
By Paul Walsh on October 18, 2021

Each year, International Walk to School Month encourages children and parents to forego regular commutes and use non-polluting travel methods instead...

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Siemens Revolutionizes Smart Building Management with Environmental Data
By Daniel Leveson on August 31, 2021

By integrating real-time environmental intelligence into their cloud-based solution, Siemens adds considerable value to their Climatix IC platform,...

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