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Topic: Healthcare

Dermalogica & BreezoMeter partner to educate on pollution's skin effects
By Yishai Lurie on January 6, 2017

BreezoMeter and Dermalogica Partner to Educate Consumers on Pollution’s Skin-Aging Effects

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Skin, Air Pollution & Beauty
By Ran Korber on December 22, 2016

Look out sun; you have some competition. At one time, the sun was known as the main danger to the skin, but this designation can now be shared with...

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Sports, Air Quality: The Undeniable Connection
By Yair Giwnewer on December 13, 2016

You’ve guessed it already: air quality is one of those elements you want to check before working out or doing any sports. I’m basing this article on...

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Fires & Air Quality: Tips to Protect Yourself Against Pollution & Smoke
By Ran Korber on November 29, 2016

Wildfires are sadly common during the summer months. However they’ve also been happening this November in Israel and the United States.

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What is the Air Quality in Paris, Place de la Nation?
By Ran Korber on November 20, 2016

"To breathe Paris is to preserve the soul" - Victor Hugo

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Understanding Good Ozone vs. Bad Ozone
By Ran Korber on November 17, 2016

Ozone can be a lifesaving UV barrier  for the world or responsible for harmful Ozone air pollution with devastating health impact. As its complexity...

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Halloween: The Spooky Facts About Air Quality
By Ran Korber on October 31, 2016

You don’t need to a watch horror film to get a fright. There is a real-life killer that haunts us daily, and sadly, it is not part of a Stephen King...

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How to Create a Healthy City in 5 Achievable Steps
By Ran Korber on October 5, 2016

Smart cities, healthy cities, and sustainable cities are all terms that have become intertwined and interchangeable and are desired outcomes for the...

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