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How Air Pollution Moves Between Countries

 You probably already know that local weather is greatly affected by meteorological changes on..

Climate Change: Global Phenomenon with Individual Consequences

As our screens and newspapers become flooded with headlines that highlight rising temperatures,..

The Science Behind Environmental Data: Your Questions Answered

As a leading environmental data company, we get a lot of questions about the information we..

After the fires: Is the outdoor air pollution really gone?

Ziv Lautman, environmental engineer, outdoor enthusiast and BreezoMeter Co-Founder explains why..

U.S. Politics: Obama’s Legacy on Air Quality

The months and days leading up the election of 2016 have become more like a typical reality..

5 Reasons why 2016 is the year of Air Quality

Predicting the future is a risky business, especially when history isn't kind to those who make..

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