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Topic: Breezometer Technology

Wildfire Smoke Maps: Why are there Differences Between Providers?
By Yam Meirovitz on May 17, 2022

With annual wildfire seasons worsening and COVID-19 raising general air quality awareness, more people than ever are now looking to protect...

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BreezoMeter Launches History Plus: Don't Forget the Past, Learn from It!
By Amit Lesman on February 16, 2022

BreezoMeter’s History Plus offers historical data using the same accurate and granular environmental data format as our APIs such as air quality,...

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BreezoMeter's Health-Focused Environmental Intelligence Platform [Guide]
By Amit Lesman on February 3, 2022

We designed our Health-focused Environmental Intelligence platform to make it easier than ever for businesses to warn and protect customers from...

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Why BreezoMeter Chose Google Cloud Platform: When Big Data Meets Sustainability
By Emil Fisher on January 17, 2022

Since scalability and stability are paramount for BreezoMeter’s mission to improve the lives of billions, partnering with Google Cloud was a...

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BreezoMeter Launches New Personal Pollution Exposure Page!
By Mordechai Tenzer on January 3, 2022

Our air quality live map and mobile app already provides real-time information for one location at a time, but understanding longer-term pollution...

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Visualizing Air Quality with BreezoMeter's Pollution Heatmaps
By Emil Fisher on November 24, 2021

Our color-coded pollution heatmaps are one of BreezoMeter’s best-loved features and have always been a key part of what we do: Highly visual...

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BreezoMeter’s Scientists Discuss Wildfire Tracking: Webinar Transcript
By Daniel Leveson on July 27, 2021

Our atmospheric scientist Dr. Yvonne Boose recently hosted a unique webinar session to explore the air quality reporting challenges presented by...

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5 Things You Can Do With BreezoMeter's API Dashboard
By Amit Lesman on July 19, 2021

Whether you’re an existing customer or a business interested in trying out BreezoMeter’s environmental APIs, our dedicated Dashboard provides access...

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