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Topic: Breezometer News

CES 2018 Panel: A Digital Health Trailblazer, Clean Air For All
By Idit Lowenstein on January 8, 2018

What does it mean to truly be a trailblazer? To carve out one’s own way forward, where others have yet to go? What is common among companies that are...

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At CES 2018, Explore Las Vegas
By Idit Lowenstein on December 28, 2017

You’re going to Las Vegas for CES 2018, and you’re looking for something fun to do after the show? Gambling isn’t your thing, or you’ve already won...

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Launch of New iOS Air Quality App
By Idit Lowenstein on December 21, 2017

Help reduce your exposure to harmful air pollutants, with this intuitive, easy-to-use air quality iOS app.

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Efficient Fifty: Top 50 Energy Tech Companies Include Air Quality Data
By Ziv Lautman on November 30, 2017

The very prestigious private equity firm JMP securities has released for the first time a report discussing the top 50 private leading companies in...

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Our Air Pollution Map API, Upgraded: Faster & Easier to Work With
By Ohad Zadok on November 23, 2017

Air quality is constantly changing, and our air pollution map is changing with it.

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BreezoMeter's Pitch at Unreasonable Impact UK
By Ran Korber on November 16, 2017

Barclays is one of the largest financial institutions of our time, and with Unreasonable Group, they have launched Unreasonable Impact, the world’s...

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BreezoMeter is heading to Tokyo, for Plug and Play Japan!
By Ziv Lautman on November 8, 2017

We’re so excited to be participating in Japan’s Plug and Play program over the next four months in Tokyo, Japan.

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[Video] BreezoMeter Awarded at Singularity University GGC 2017 
By Ziv Lautman on September 6, 2017

Most companies would be rather happy to get an award from Singularity University, as part of the Global Grand Challenge.

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