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Traffic Pollution in City

Mapping Traffic Pollution with Environmental Insights

Health-focused environmental intelligence means we can now make traffic pollution more visible for motorists, cyclists, and even pedestrians. Here we explore the impact of traffic pollution on health in detail and how environmental insights can be used to protect people…

Cowboy Cleaner Route Planning

Cowboy & BreezoMeter Make e-bike Trips Healthier Together

Can the right information make our daily commuting journeys healthier? eBike innovators Cowboy partnered with BreezoMeter to achieve exactly this. With the launch of their Cleanest Route app feature, Cowboy addresses rising air quality awareness and desire for healthier commuting…

Cleanest Route Insights

BreezoMeter Launches Cleanest Route Insights!

We are extremely proud to announce the long-awaited launch of our Cleanest Route Insights. Thanks to BreezoMeter’s unique ability to map air pollution at a highly granular level in real-time, individuals will now be able to dodge air pollution while…