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Topic: Air Quality Data Monitoring

Eureka Forbes Adds BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Data to Air Purifiers Line
By Itai Rosenzweig on March 10, 2017

I’m proud to announce our partnership with Eureka Forbes, one of India’s leading health and hygiene company, to add outdoor air quality information...

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How Pharma & Healthcare Brands Can Use Air Quality Data
By Tamir Kessel on January 23, 2017

When it comes to health, it’s hard to overstate the importance of clean air. Air pollution is one of the biggest health emergencies of our time: it...

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Skin, Air Pollution & Beauty
By Ran Korber on December 22, 2016

Look out sun; you have some competition. At one time, the sun was known as the main danger to the skin, but this designation can now be shared with...

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How is BreezoMeter Air Quality Index Different from My Local Source?
By Ran Korber on October 20, 2016

This might be the question we get asked the most. And I understand why: most of the time, our Air Quality Index (AQI) is very different from the ...

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BreezoMeter Provides Real-time Air Quality Data in Australia!
By Emil Fisher on September 15, 2016

Following clients and users' demand, the R&D team at BreezoMeter upgraded its algorithm and calculation models to include several major cities in...

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Air Pollution & Real Estate: Another Challenge When Buying/Selling a Property
By Ran Korber on July 8, 2014

A newlywed couple is filled with joy and excitement after buying their new home. However, shortly after moving in, the couple discovers hidden...

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