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Topic: Air Quality Data Monitoring

BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Data Transforms Historic Paris City Square
By Daniel Leveson on April 11, 2022

Increasing concerns about air pollution in Paris led city officials in the historic French capital to pursue a major endeavor: to transform Paris’s...

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Texas A&M & BreezoMeter Find Major Public Health Risks in Landmark Hurricane & Air Pollution Study
By Dr Gabriela Adler Katz on March 14, 2022

BreezoMeter was honored to join Texas A&M University for a scientific research project that linked hurricanes to serious spikes in air pollution. The...

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Using Historical Environmental Data for Demand Planning & Market Analysis
By Paul Walsh on March 14, 2022

As the global climate becomes more unpredictable, certain types of businesses can find planning and sales forecasting more difficult. Luckily,...

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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Air Quality Data
By Amalia Helen on January 12, 2022

As the world’s air pollution problem receives wider public attention, location-based and timely air quality data has emerged as a leading tool for...

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Why is BreezoMeter Different from My Local Air Quality Source?
By Dr Gabriela Adler Katz on January 5, 2022

Seeing two or more air quality sources saying completely different things can be confusing. Let’s explore some of the reasons why BreezoMeter and...

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Driving Business Growth with Environmental Data: Where Do You Start?
By Daniel Leveson on December 13, 2021

What can companies do with new forms of actionable environmental intelligence and what value does it bring? Here is everything you need to know about...

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BreezoMeter Teams Up with Experts to Improve Air Quality Monitoring
By Dr. Yvonne Boose on November 4, 2021

As part of BreezoMeter’s wider mission to improve global health, we support research initiatives which seek to enhance environmental monitoring...

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How Does The U.S EPA Report on Air Quality ?
By Dr Gabriela Adler Katz on October 25, 2021

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed two air quality Indexes for communicating air quality to the public, the U.S...

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