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Topic: Air Pollution Info

4 Day Air Quality Forecasts: the Latest Advance in Pollution Data
By Ran Korber on August 14, 2017

We check the weather each day so we can be ready for what’s coming. But how do we prepare for air pollution before it comes?

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Air Quality Data Resolution: Low-cost, Economy, or First?
By Ziv Lautman on July 13, 2017

In part 1 of the data resolution series, we talked about the need for relevant, location-based air quality data for your business: Data resolution...

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After Super Bowl, 4th of July - Pollution Review
By Ran Korber on June 30, 2017

What do Super Bowl day and 4th of July have in common? Beyond social dynamics, these two highly important days in the American year come with a...

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BreezoMeter: Airnow for Businesses
By Ran Korber on June 27, 2017

Air pollution is a growing concern for people and governments around the world. The need for better information led the EPA (Environmental Protection...

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8 Facts About BreezoMeter, Leader in Air Quality Data [Infographic]
By Ziv Lautman on June 21, 2017

Could 2017 be the year of air quality? About six months in, we’ve seen more interest from the press, brands, scientists, & individuals than ever...

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4 Infographics that Help Explain Air Pollution
By Idit Lowenstein on April 21, 2017

A great way of bringing visibility to air pollution is with air pollution infographics. By making these simple visual aids part of your marketing...

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A Warm Welcome to Pollen: the Newest Addition to our API
By Ran Korber on March 23, 2017

This year, we have another good reason to be excited about the pollen season.Here is a quick overview on pollen, to give you the full brief on this...

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How Parents Can Ensure Better Air Quality in Their Baby's Bedroom
By Ran Korber on March 17, 2017

Babies are particularly susceptible to indoor air pollution because their immune system is underdeveloped. Fortunately, there are steps that parents...

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