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Anniversary: We've been improving air quality data for 3 years!

Happy birthday, BreezoMeter, you’re already three years old!
Well . . . officially three years: We started to work on the initial idea around August 2012, getting really serious by August 2013, and creating the company in February 2014.


We want to stop for a moment and take this opportunity to say “Thank you".


The number of people and interactions we’re having in this startup rollercoaster is overwhelming. Rather than highlighting all the wonderful people who’ve helped us through the years, we’d prefer to focus on the ecosystem of people who are making BreezoMeter what it is.


First and foremost, to the AMAZING BreezoMeter team. A real family. Thank you, Team, for all the hard work you invest into making BreezoMeter what it is today: a company that helps millions of people around the world breathe cleaner air.

BreezoMeter team

Thank you, everyone, for believing in our team. Every. Single. Day.


We are fortunate to have great partners and support by prominent institutional venture funds: Entrée Capital, Launchpad Digital Health, Phi Square, Jumpspeed Ventures, Seed IL, and more. Your advice and experience are priceless. Thank you all for believing in us. Together, we built a financially stable foundation and venture partnership for future growth.

BreezoMeter Investors

Our incredible legal team at Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal does a phenomenal job taking care of our contracts with the world’s largest companies. Perryllion and ERB provide all the financial services that we need. And our team at EY (IL) is always available to help bringing great advices.


Kudos, Siftech, for opening the first door to the entrepreneurship world to us, to Bronica Entrepreneurship Center at the Technion for helping us realize our technical challenges, to Singularity University and Ramon Foundation who enabled us to dream big, to Israel’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and to Global Entrepreneurship Network who believed in us. Thank you, Plug and Play’s amazing team, for pushing the boundaries for us. Special thanks to the Technion Institute of Technology of Israel who helps us share our work all around the world.

Technion Logo

Big, big thanks to Israel Export InstituteIsrael Economic Missions worldwide and Israel NewTech: we honor your dedicated people who work day and night in order to connect us with companies worldwide.


Thank you Google Cloud Platform team for providing us a technological piece of mind and for enabling us to laser focus our technological efforts on our unique and critical challenges, to keep driving our business forward.

Thank you to all the organizations who believed in us along the years. To name a few:


So this time here’s to you, BreezoMeter. Every employee. Every supporter. Every partner. And every person who breathes better because of what BreezoMeter offers. Thank you.

And happy birthday!


Ran, Emil, and Ziv

Co-founders: Ziv Ran Emil



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