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Thoughts on the way home from The White House

Shahar Polak

Yesterday was by far one of our top highlights of 2015.

Starting from the second Ziv arrived at the security lines at the SW Gate of The White House till President Obama’s last remarks at the Emerging Entrepreneurs Event we just couldn’t stop smiling.

The White House? Check! The White House? Check!

We sat in our homes back in Israel as Ziv was giving us live updates through out the event and couldn't have been more excited to not only join the other talented Entrepreneurs but sit alongside the “sharks” of Shark Tank (Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Daymond Johns) and the one and only President Barack Obama.


The “sharks” doing what they do best The “sharks” doing what they do best

The event started off with an immediate mention of air pollution from one of the honorary entrepreneurs who sat onstage with the sharks and pitched their start ups. We wish them much luck as we know ourselves the hard daily grind of finding an investor and mentor let alone getting a chance to partner up with one of the most successful ventures in the world is a life changing opportunity.

As we were listening to the start up runners tell their story we couldn't help but remember the time we came up with Breezometer. Remembering when we really needed to do something about our air quality and vivaciously brainstorming on how we can make something so scientific and technical- manageable and tangible for the everyday citizen who didn't spend years in university studying environmental engineering. Now our first step is checked of the list but it most definitely does not mean we stop there. To truly make the “invisible-visible”, just like Mark Cuban said last night, “You need to do the work. Be prepared. Be an expert!” The affects of air pollution is devastating and is constantly changing and it is our duty to stay on top of those statistics and minimize damage through spreading awareness as vigorously as possible.

Our friends from Made in Jerusalem bring in perspective Our friends from Made in Jerusalem bring in perspective


The U.S. government’s Spark Global Entrepreneurship Initiative is to generate over a billion dollars in private investment for emerging entrepreneurs around the world by the end of 2017. It is a great feat and we are honored to be acknowledged.
As we move on, we floor our foot on the gas pedal towards our fight against air pollution inflicted devastation around the world. We hope to continue to get opportunities like these to voice our mission.
Watch president Obama delivers remarks at the White House Global Entrepreneurship Event:



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