Tesla: Self-driving, Safe-breathing?

Is all you want for Christmas a Tesla? Many think this smart car should be classified into a not-yet created category of “genius” car within the mobility industry. How is Tesla shaping the mobility market? We’ll look into two of its most impactful features in our eyes: the self-driving and the air filtration.

Tesla’s Self-Driving Feature

Practical and Safe

This is no doubt that this is one of the most exciting aspects, intriguing many. The ultimate in automation – a self-driving car – has everyone talking. Tesla’s new hardware feature will officially be part of any new car they manufacture, according to their website.

The self-driving Tesla cars are considered to be safer than driver-operated cars since there is less room for human errors. This is partly due to the cameras and internal technology that can assess the area around the car better than the human eye, therefore reducing traffic accidents, according to Tesla.

This omniscient accuracy, enabling Tesla to see “everything”, is like having eyes in the back of your head, so to speak. Indeed Tesla equips their cars with special technology and hardware including 8 cameras to produce a 360-degree view. It helps prevent collisions and eliminate blind spots.

Creates Opportunities

Tesla is a dream for the disabled or the elderly, who might otherwise be housebound, and now will be able to have some of their freedom back. While Tesla cars remain too expensive for the vast majority of the population, they help shape the car industry, setting the bar high and ensuring all types of car makers will soon follow through.

Main Concern

Although there are many pros to a self-driving car, driver alertness is still required and expected. This may pose a problem for drivers who immerse themselves in reading or watching a video and can’t react fast enough to take the wheel when danger strikes. Unfortunately, it already happened to a Tesla driver. This is an important piece of information for drivers to be aware of when they sit behind the wheel of an automated car. They need to ensure that they don’t zone out completely.

Tesla’s Advanced Air Filtration

It’s hard to create such a futuristic car without keeping the same standards for other features. Drivers are overwhelmed with polluted air as they face congestion, on a daily basis. Keeping the driver and passengers comfortable and healthy is important.

Rapid Removal of Air Pollution

Tesla’s HEPA filtration system was tested in extreme conditions to see how well it removes pollutants. The company placed 1,000 µg/m3 of PM2.5 in one of its cars, a level considered to cause the most serious health risk, and in less than two minutes the number of pollutants dropped to zero, or “undetectable” as reported.

Protection Against Bioweapons

The test mentioned above that was conducted to test the car’s HEPA filter abilities, but was also intended to test its Bioweapon Defense Mode. According to Tesla, it worked as expected and would provide real protection in the event that it was necessary.

The Bad News

Tesla may be at the top of its game in air filtration for the car of the future, but environmentalists are still concerned about the pollutants that electric cars in general add to the air. Does one cancel each other out? Good question.

On another note, drivers and car passengers are not yet able to see the air pollution surrounding them. This could be a welcome addition to an air quality smart car.

As Tesla’s cars evolve and continue to influence the mobility industry, ongoing testing will be important for Tesla customers to follow and track, and discover what other exciting features will be in store!

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