How Air Pollution Data Can Improve Your App & Drive More Business

Weather is the universal conversation starter. The reason for this is simple: weather is something we all have in common. This is why brands like Salesforce are taking the hint and incorporating weather into their CRM ecosystem. Brands can now use weather related messages that includes air pollution data to build inroads with their customer base, adding value to their lives and strengthening connections with their brand.

And as awareness about pollution grows, air quality is becoming another issue we all have in common. Now is the time for app developers to get a head start by incorporating air pollution data into their apps, helping them personalize messages and better connect with their audience.

Use air Pollution Data to Connect with Your App Users

Just like Salesforce is doing with weather, boosting your apps with air pollution data can help you relate with customers in personalized and meaningful ways. Sending actionable and timely messages can go a long way to helping brands connect with their audience.

Imagine this alert coming through your mobile app in the morning:

“Good Morning, Brian. Air quality will decrease in two hours from now in your neighborhood. You might want to close the windows and turn on the A/C.”

Messages like this can both build rapport and help customers get the most out of your products. It’s also easy to do when your team has accurate pollution data to back it up. Having air pollution data in your app is like a bridge between you and your customers, giving you a non-intrusive opportunity to remind them of your products and services, and show you have their interests at heart.

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Strengthen Your App User Retention

It’s a startling fact, but less than 25% of people who download your app will use it more than once – the rest will simply download and forget. After 90 days the numbers are even worse – by that time only 4% of people are still tuning in. Even if you can get someone to download your app, convincing them to stay is an uphill battle.

The only way to keep people using your app is to offer ongoing value. By adding in real-time, updated air pollution data, which helps your users safeguard their health, you can create that value in their lives. Becoming part of someone’s health regiment makes your brand an indispensable part of their life, so they’ll have plenty of reason to use your app on a regular basis.

By integrating BreezoMeter data in your app, you get pollution data that is:

  • Global – Our API operates in 67 countries, providing hourly updates in every city. That’s worldwide pollution data for your worldwide customer base.
  • Hyperlocal – Since air quality can change over short distances, we offer hyperlocal data using air quality sensors plus our unique algorithm, giving you accurate data up to 500 meters. Tailor your messages and marketing to unique problems from any region, speaking to your audience’s real needs.
  • Actionable – All of our data comes with actionable advice, so your customers know what to do about pollution. We give easy to follow recommendations on fitness, children, people with health sensitivities, and more.

And now you can warn users of problems ahead of time with our Air Pollution Forecasts, which forecast air quality up to 4 days in advance. Brands are using our forecasts to reach their audience in the crucial purchasing moments before there’s a problem. It’s also helping to showcase brand competency and improve retention by protecting users before pollution levels rise.

Check our case studies to get concrete examples on how to successfully integrate air quality data!

Boost Your Apps & Drive Business with Pollution Data

With the app ecosystem so oversaturated, brands need to stand out if they want to capture their user’s attention and keep them tuning in. Just like Salesforce is using the weather as an in-road to customer’s lives, air pollution data can be a valuable tool for brands across various industries, encouraging app use and helping to drive business.

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Daniel Elkabetz
Daniel Elkabetz

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