Smart Mobility Brand Cowboy Partners with BreezoMeter for Electric Bike Cleaner Route Planning

The electric bike company Cowboy has partnered with BreezoMeter, to deliver the smart mobility industry’s world premiere of cleaner route planning for electric bike riders, reaffirming their commitment to providing the optimal urban mobility experience.

Since 2018, Cowboy has offered electric bike riders the simplest, fastest, and most enjoyable way to travel around the city. With the launch of a redesigned navigation dashboard Cowboy has taken the navigation experience to the next level. Putting their riders’ health first, the smart mobility brand now offers riders the most granular air quality route data available, designed to inform their navigation decisions while on the move.

Cowboy’s electric bike riders receive several levels of information in regards to the air quality via their connected app:

  1. Real-time heatmap of the air quality data when opening the Cowboy app
  2. Contextual information to educate riders about the different levels of air quality
  3. A cleaner alternative route to the fastest route to their destination.

“We are opening a new chapter for smart urban transportation with our Navigation feature. We are the first e-bike manufacturer ever to include real-time air quality in the calculation of our route suggestions, offering our riders a healthier alternative for their way through everyday life.”

Tanguy Goretti, Cowboy CTO and Co-founder

Cowboy’s new smart mobility features enable riders to design a route based on localized air quality data As the only provider of real-time air quality information at the street-level resolution of 5 meters, BreezoMeter’s unique approach to air quality monitoring plays an essential role here.
In order to accurately represent the spatial representation of air pollution, down to the electric bike ride level, you need to calculate the air pollution dispersion between the monitoring stations. BreezoMeter achieves this by taking into account multiple sources of air pollution information like traffic patterns, millions of connected cars, satellite data, weather, active fire’s smoke models, meteorological information, models and land cover in addition to the information provided by monitoring stations.

On top of this, BreezoMeter’s highly-sophisticated algorithms and machine-learning techniques are deployed, before being put through a strict QA process to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The end result is the most granular, high-resolution and most accurate real-time air quality information available today.

“Cowboy’s use of BreezoMeter air quality data is a one to one expression of why we continue to improve upon the granularity of our data. The Cowboy community spends a lot of time outside and is often reliant on route data to get where they are going. With this update, riders can rely on air quality route data down to 5 meters in resolution. Relevant and accurate information for improved route planning on the go.”

Ran Korber, BreezoMeter CEO and Cofounder

Cowboy has taken the opportunity to completely revamp its turn-by-turn navigation experience. At the time of starting their ride, electric bike riders will be given a choice between several routes for reaching their destination – namely the fastest and cleanest options available at the time of the trip. Cowboy’s air quality based and smart mobility navigation feature is available across all Europe and the solution has been specifically designed with the use case of a cyclist in mind.

For a deeper dive into the difference between air quality providers and what you need to know when choosing a provider, download our eBook.

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Yishai Lurie
Yishai Lurie

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