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Dermalogica Hits #1 on Google & Charms the Press with Pollution Data

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By Yishai Lurie on September, 5 2017

The skincare brand Dermalogica teamed up with BreezoMeter, using our pollution data to launch a new website

Through the website, Dermalogica provided visitors with updated air quality readings specific to their location, and advised them on the impact of pollution on their skin. The online asset was part of the launch strategy for the new charcoal infused Daily Superfoliant.

After gaining international media coverage for their website and exfoliant, and rising to the top of Google searches, Dermalogica’s use of pollution data is a success story other beauty brands can learn from.




Your Skincare Products, Our Air Quality Data

Air pollution is bad for humankind and the environment. Beauty brands and skincare companies can enhance consumer awareness about the harms of air pollution, and offer a solution to counter the adverse effects of the problem. And with pollution levels rising, demand for pollution proof beauty solutions will continue to grow.

Beauty brands who are quick to offer their own skin care product with BreezoMeter’s accurate, street-level pollution data will be at the forefront of a new category of beauty products. In addition, they will be creating opportunities for earned media and improved SEO rankings in the process. 

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