Why is Reliability a Top Priority for Air Quality Data?

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Reliability is at the foundation of every good relationship. It’s also the thing customers demand more than anything from their software.

When customers can trust your products to deliver the way you promised without failure, you build your reputation and secure a place as one of their go-to brands. Reliability is also your best way to ensure things like:

  • Repeat Business – Customers return to products that are reliable and consistent
  • Customer Satisfaction – Leading to word of mouth advocacy and future purchases
  • Competitive Advantage – Over competitors who focus less on reliability and encounter more problems

On the other hand, brands who fail to be reliable will be quickly forgotten by users who are already overburdened with other apps.

Of course, delivering reliable data to your users starts with having a reliable data source. Here’s what BreezoMeter does to bring peace of mind to you and your users, by making reliability a number one priority.

Robust Model with Multiple Data Sources

We’re a big data company, so our first order of business is ensuring we have accurate, hyperlocal pollution data where we operate. Essential to fully understanding air pollution dynamics, collecting air quality data from multiple sources also ensures that if one source is compromised, we can still get the data we need without any problems or delays.

It’s how we promise accuracy – and it’s how we maintain reliability even if problems arise.

Resilient Cloud Architecture

Since problems can arise anywhere, we’ve found the best defense is to be over-prepared.

Every hour when we calculate our data, we do it on a system that is decoupled and distributed across multiple data centers. That means even our backup systems have backups. Even if one part of the system runs into a problem or one data center goes down, we still have enough resources to continue running without any slowdowns.

If you combine this with our internal monitoring and alert system, you get a system that is resilient when issues arise, and generates quick responses to any problems on our end.

It might sound excessive, but it’s our priority to make sure we can deliver accurate data even in emergencies.

Reliability in Numbers: 99.9% SLA

We’d like it if sensors never had a problem. But the reality is, sensor shutdowns are common enough, and usually last for a few hours. On rare occasions they can even last up to a few days. We’d also like it if the cloud and servers always operate without a glitch. But the reality there tends to be different too.

We have to be realistic about sensor shutdowns & server issues, which is why we use our combination of layered data, plus our pollution dispersion algorithm, and then a resilient cloud architecture, so that we’re always prepared, and can always provide accurate data. This way we can offer you and your users peace of mind, while guaranteeing ongoing and accurate pollution readings even when government data is unavailable.

To put our money where our mouth is, we offer strict SLA, up to 99.9% uptime, on our premium plans.

Reliability Is Your Best Currency

Brands who use reliable pollution data can build their reputation as consistent and dependable, while making themselves a trusted part of their user’s lives. Finding a pollution data provider that ensures dependability with multiple data sources, backup algorithms, and SLAs with 99.9% uptime will put you at a competitive advantage over less reliable brands. It’s your best way to ensure satisfied long-term customers who are willing to spread the word about your products and services.

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