Prose & BreezoMeter Partner to Develop Personalized Hair Care Based on Environment

We are happy to announce our new partnership with beauty-tech brand, Prose. Prose’s proprietary online consultation will take into consideration BreezoMeter’s data around environmental factors such as exposure to smoke, air pollution and other geo aggressors in a specific location to ensure customers’ individual & personalized hair care formulations are even more bespoke.

Prose is pioneering a new approach to beauty which counters mass production and offers hyper-custom, clean and natural products that are designed to adapt to season, lifestyle, and the environment of their customers. The company is known for its proprietary online consultation–an in-depth survey at the beginning of the shopping process that looks at over 85 different factors that can have an impact on an individual’s hair and scalp. One of these factors is the geographical location of the customer.

While many people know that hair damage can result from sun exposure and too much bleach, they don’t realize that one of the biggest contributors to hair and scalp health is an individual’s environment: Areas closer to industrial complexes, for instance, are typically more polluted than rural areas. A deeper understanding of these factors allows Prose to add supportive ingredients to the customer’s formula to better protect their hair.

Prose’s new partnership with BreezoMeter enables the brand to look deeper into environmental factors–or “geo aggressors”–such as air quality, smoke exposure and climate to inform individuals’ unique formulas: During a customer’s consultation, BreezoMeter’s technology pulls in data about air quality and the environmental factors where the individual is.

Prose then registers the local environmental intelligence to determine which ingredients should be included in the customer’s products. Prose is using BreezoMeter’s Air Quality API for both Canadian and U.S. customers; the company expanded their offering to Canada in January 2022, and is excited to bring this additional environmental intelligence to their customers.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with a trusted source like BreezoMeter. We designed this implementation to enhance our proprietary consultation and continue to deliver our customers the most personalized haircare formulas and products,” Nicolas Mussat, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

What Prose & BreezoMeter’s Partnership Will Achieve

Prose and BreezoMeter are dedicated to protecting consumers from everyday exposure to environmental hazards and combating climate change. Prose’s mission is to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, while BreezoMeter is focused on educating consumers and businesses about the importance of making incremental changes to their lifestyles and operations now, not 10 years from now.

At Prose we are always working to enrich the overall customer experience with the highest quality formulas. We customize each and every product for the consumer and only use the highest quality natural ingredients, so we are thrilled to be able to partner with BreezoMeter to utilize their extensive data on geo-aggressors to inform the best possible formulas for customers across the U.S. and Canada and continue to deliver the most personalized care,” – Megan Streeter, Chief Marketing Officer.

BreezoMeter’s work with Prose demonstrates how products can be adapted to recognize the everyday threat of climate change and protect consumers from the impact of ever-changing environmental factors. Prose’s integration of environmental intelligence into its consumer-facing process and haircare production is a great example of how companies can not only better engage their customers, but deliver real-life value based on what they learn.

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Natalie Freudmann
Natalie Freudmann

I get excited delving into the unique value BreezoMeter customers get from using BreezoMeter's highly actionable environmental intelligence and how our joint solutions ultimately improve the lives of millions of people worldwide exposed to environmental hazards. Reach out any time via email or connect directly on LinkedIn.