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Concerns About Pollen Grow, But Pollen API Offers Actionable Data

Ziv Lautman
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For many people, pollen can be an irritating reminder that spring is here. And just like other pollutants, pollen can have a serious impact on health. That means understanding the when and where of pollen danger is crucial to everyone’s health.

That’s why BreezoMeter’s Air Quality API includes pollen data in a growing number of countries. By integrating our air quality and pollen APIs into various products, apps, and marketing campaigns, brands can provide their users with accurate, location-based updates about pollen risks.

Let's take a small step back - do you know what the differences are between pollen and air pollution? You can read about that here.

Pollen vs Air Pollution Health Impact

Steering Clear of Pollen - What is Pollen?

Pollen grains are common allergens that get released into the air from plants, especially during the early spring months, making them a seasonal irritant. They’re small enough to be inhaled, and can cause inflammation and irritation in the nasal passage. Symptoms include:

  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy throat
  • Hives
  • Fatigue

Other health problems like Hay Fever are also common side effects of pollen inhalation, making pollen awareness a crucial part of air quality data. Researches from Japan, like Saitama University’s Dr. Seiyo O, have found that pollen becomes even more dangerous when it mixes with other air pollution. 

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Pollen API: Data from Around the World 

BreezoMeter is working on developing pollen data for countries around the world. We already provide air quality data on 67 different countries and counting, and now include pollen data for Europe and Japan, with more countries to come. 

pollen API by BreezoMeter

Pollen and Hay Fever in Japan 

Japan is at the head of this move to track pollen data, as they face a national health risk with large amounts of pollen resulting in startling rates of hay fever for Japanese citizens.

As a result, BreezoMeter is able to take data from reliable data centers around Japan. In Tokyo, our API tracks pollen data from 4 main sources: 

  • Trees
  • Grass
  • Weeds
  • General (Which includes all the other sources of pollen in Japan)

Season is also an important factor for pollen. In Tokyo, the highest pollen counts come at the end of winter and peak around late March.

Here’s a look at how pollen counts are measured in Japan:


Pollen Level

Ratio (grains/m3)


< 4

Somewhat high

4 - 11


12 - 19

Very high

20 - 39

Extremely high

>= 40 

BreezoMeter’s pollen API will provide steady updates using this simple scale, informing users about which types of pollen are most present, and telling them when and where pollen counts are highest.

Europe and Pollen Data

Pollen measurements are available across Europe, but so far not every European country has defined a national pollen index. 

As a result, BreezoMeter has created a unique index to report pollen levels in Europe – combining standards from countries that do have a pollen index, like Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.  

We measure pollen a little differently in Europe, with separate categories for Grass and Trees:


Pollen Level

Grass (grains/m3)

Trees (grains/m3)


< 10

< 10


10 - 29

10 - 49


30 - 49

50 - 79

Very high

>= 50

>= 80

Since pollen levels can vary drastically between seasons, our API can also let users know when a certain pollen is out of season, and won’t have an impact on air quality.

Pollen Data for Pharma, Air Purifiers & More

Companies that implement BreezoMeter’s Pollen API can benefit from the integration in many ways, including:

  • Informing users on current pollen levels
  • Creating alerts about allergy risks
  • Providing smart recommendations on when and where to enjoy time outdoors
  • Creating “allergy-safe” itineraries
  • Teaching products like air purifiers and home filtration (HVAC) to react to high pollen levels
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of pollen & allergy drugs during clinical trials
  • Implementing “pollen-smart” online marketing campaigns

Staying Informed on Pollen

While pollen is a factor in air quality for many countries, so far Europe and Japan offer the most accurate data collection. This allows BreezoMeter to deliver hourly, accurate pollen updates, along with simple and easy-to-follow advice, helping protect user and patient’s health.

Brands looking to use pollen data in their products and marketing campaigns can visit here for more info on pollen types and coverage, and access to our pollen API.


Originally posted May 3, 2017

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