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8 Amazing Things Pollen Data Can Tell You
By Daniel Leveson on March 29, 2022

As our climate continues to change, pollen seasons are becoming stronger and longer, impacting allergy sufferers more than ever. Luckily,...

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Prose & BreezoMeter Partner to Develop Personalized Hair Products Based on Environment
By Natalie Freudmann on March 24, 2022

We are happy to announce our new partnership with beauty-tech brand, Prose. Prose’s proprietary online consultation will take into consideration...

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What is Particulate Matter?
By Dr. Yvonne Boose on March 23, 2022

In the world of air pollution and air quality, there is a lot of discussion about Particulate matter (PM) and its impact on the health of people all...

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How Air Quality Insights Help Runners Become Air Pollution Smart
By Daniel Leveson on March 21, 2022

Every day, in cities across the world, millions of people lace up their shoes and go for a run outside. Runners are used to dealing with all sorts of...

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Texas A&M & BreezoMeter Find Major Public Health Risks in Landmark Hurricane & Air Pollution Study
By Dr Gabriela Adler Katz on March 14, 2022

BreezoMeter was honored to join Texas A&M University for a scientific research project that linked hurricanes to serious spikes in air pollution. The...

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Using Historical Environmental Data for Demand Planning & Market Analysis
By Paul Walsh on March 14, 2022

As the global climate becomes more unpredictable, certain types of businesses can find planning and sales forecasting more difficult. Luckily,...

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International Women's Day - BreezoMeter Supports ‘Breaking The Gender Bias!
By Amalia Helen on March 8, 2022

What better time than International Women's Day to celebrate BreezoMeter’s female staff, which span cross-departmental functions - scientists,...

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Residential Indoor Air Quality Trends in 2022 [Guide]
By Daniel Leveson on March 2, 2022

In our latest guide, we reflect on the state of play of the residential indoor air quality market in 2022: We explore key consumer buying trends, new...

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