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How to Improve Online Advertising with Air Quality Data

Itai Rosenzweig

You’re more likely to buy an umbrella when it’s raining, which is why so many brands are now using weather updates to build relevant, real-time marketing campaigns.

Just like the umbrella, you’re more likely to buy an air purifier when you know your family health is impacted by poor air quality and heavy pollution.

That’s why brands are using BreezoMeter air quality data in their online marketing ads, helping consumers see the problem in real-time while offering the solution.

Here’s how air quality data can help you build online ads that improve your CTR and increase sales:


Targeted Ads Work

Psychology shows we’re more likely to buy a solution when we’re actually feeling the problem. That’s why Kleenex actually saw lower sales in 2011, when they tried promoting their Kleenex Balsam in October like usual, despite that year’s record high temperatures.

The following year they spent their marketing dollars differently. With a clever use of AdWords, they targeted their campaign at places where a flu outbreak was happening right then.

The result was a 40% increase in sales, proving that context plays a huge role in whether people buy or not.

In the same way, brands offering air quality products like air purifiers can utilize pollution alerts, high pollution areas, or even a pollen outbreak to create targeted ads, reaching customers when it’s relevant and needed, with a high chance of improving their CTR.


Air Quality Based Campaigns are the New Weather Ads

Real-time events are becoming more important to our purchase decisions, and marketers are taking note.

That’s why in 2013 Twitter teamed up with the Weather Network, so they could deliver more targeted advertising opportunities. Brands like Thomson are also using smart ads to cash in on real-time weather updates, delivering ads for their holiday deals whenever it rains or snows.

But what does this mean for air quality brands?

Since most pollution is invisible, it’s not always obvious to consumers when there’s an air quality problem. That’s why using BreezoMeter’s API in your online ads can help show consumers the truth about their air quality.

By providing hyperlocal air quality updates, consumers can start to see the problem. Once they become aware, they’ll be a lot more open to a message from your brand offering them a solution, meaning higher CTR’s for your ad dollars. 

Smart Ads for Leading Air Purifier Brand

One of the world’s leading providers of air quality solutions is already using outdoor air quality data from BreezoMeter to make smarter ads.

When this company wanted to connect their air purifiers to a mobile app, there were a few things they wanted to deliver to their users:

  • Real-time air quality data
  • Health recommendations
  • Pollutant concentration and information

They got all three by integrating with BreezoMeter’s API, plus pollen info in selected countries, and the ability to add color coded air quality maps (HeatMaps) for their users.

When they needed to attract more consumers to their new product and app? The digital agency they partnered with used air quality data from BreezoMeter to improve their online ad performance. With the power of context and real-time data, they were able to increase sales where traditional marketing falls short. 

Smart Ads are the Right Ads

Brands today are spending more than ever on contextual ads, investing heavily in social media and online campaigns. There’s a growing interest in how factors like weather and air quality can help create more relevant marketing campaigns, ones that speak to consumer’s real needs. Air quality brands who use pollution data in their online ads are better-positioned to find a relevant audience and increase their sales and ROI.

If you’re an ad agency, looking to innovate with air quality data? Get in touch

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