No Longer ‘Just’ a Car? Automotive Leaders Add New Layers of Digital Experience

We’re excited to share our dedicated new guide for automotive professionals! It covers the unique ways automotive brands are leveraging location-based environmental insights to improve passenger safety, health, and comfort – both on and off the road.

What’s in the Guide?

1. The Rising Consumer Demand for Health & Safety – On & Off the Road

Safety was always a high concern for drivers. But following the Covid-19 pandemic, worsening wildfire seasons, and the WHO cutting down recommended daily exposure limit for many pollutants, health and safety have really become the top priority for consumers. We discuss the impact of these consumer trends on the automotive industry in terms of addressing poor air quality and environmental hazards.

2. Why Automotive Companies Combine Sensors With Cloud-based Environmental Data

An increasing number of automotive OEMs are turning to comprehensive cloud-based environmental intelligence to help them predict environmental hazards ahead of time, and engage passengers with actionable insights, detailed analytics, and highly engaging visualizations – both on and off the road.

3. How Personalized Environmental Insights Transform The Driving Experience

Personalized environmental data is powering innovation in the automotive sector in a way that enhances the driving experience all-round: Cleaner route planning, digital dashboards, smarter in-cabin ventilation, and more.

4. How to Prepare For The Future as an Automotive OEM

By partnering with the right environmental intelligence provider, automotive companies can meet growing consumer demand for safer and smarter driving experiences while implementing new monetization strategies, boosting engagement, and rewarding brand loyalty and adoption of new daily habits.

Read the Full ebook here:

Automotive Environmental Intelligence

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itai Rosenzweig
Itai Rosenzweig

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