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Six NGOs Fighting Air Pollution - Getting Involved

NGOs fighting air pollution BreezoMeter

Are you, like many others, becoming more aware and concerned with the amount of air pollution we are exposed it? As 2018 gets underway, you might be looking into new challenges and goals relating to your health. So perhaps you are interested in organizations that are working to improve the quality of the air we breathe. We’ve come up with a list of 6 NGOs that are leading the fight against air pollution. Careful, you might get inspired.

Coalition for Clean Air (CCA)

ngo CCA logo breezometer fighting air pollution

CCA is a California-based organization dedicated to reducing air pollution and increasing air quality monitoring across the State. Through effective public policy, advocacy and business solutions, they emphasize on collaboration and innovation.

One of CCA’s goals is to decrease vehicle air pollution. While they hope to see 1 million electric cars on the roads of California in the next 10 years, by 2050, they would also like freight emissions completely eliminated.

Educating school children about air quality monitoring is another key goal for CCA. By launching a program that allows kids to build and use their own air quality monitoring devices at school, the organization brings the concept of air quality monitoring to the forefront and helps educate the next generation.

Sierra Club

ngo Sierra Club logo breezometer fighting air pollution

With more than 2 million members and supporters worldwide, the Sierra Club is well known and has become one of the largest grassroots environmental organizations in the U.S. Dating back to its inception in 1892, the Sierra Club has been an environmental advocate long before it became a hot topic.

The Sierra Club is involved in countless projects and programs across the world. In one of their roles to help reduce air pollution, they support other organizations that fight for clean air (among other environmental issues).

One of their many campaigns revolves around advocating and educating about the issue and dangers that coal poses. With their coal plant tracker they keep organizations accountable, while providing extensive resources on their website.

Union of Concerned Scientists

ngo UCS logo breezometer fighting air pollution

Air pollution, among one of the issues that this group is helping to battle, really is all about science. You know that we have reached a crisis situation when independent scientists, who understand the science behind the what, why and how our planet is in danger, decide to join forces and create a movement.

As they present their facts and recommendations, they explain how air pollution is destroying our planet through excess carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels, largely blamed for this harmful effect, are used to create energy, while also polluting the air and causing direct damage to the atmosphere. Through their fight to inform and educate on how we have the ability to make a difference, they also advocate and provide solutions on how to reduce harmful emissions.

They encourage the reduction of carbon emissions by members of the public, and encourage political leaders to create a comprehensive strategy for climate solutions.

Clean Air Task Force

 NGO Clean Air Task Force logo breezometer fighting air pollution

The Clean Air Task Force is working hard to fight the impacts of climate change, in introduce low carbon energy as well as other technologies to help protect the planet's climate. They lead public advocacy programs, and like BreezoMeter, work with the private sector. Their research and analysis by engineers, scientists, attorneys, and communications specialists is aimed at making changes in public policy regarding the air we breathe, while educating the public of the health crisis coal-burning energy plants and global climate change. With headquarters in the US and offices in Beijing and India, CATF acknowledges that the fight for cleaner air is a global challenge and have initiated important independent scientific research.


ngo EarthJustice logo breezometer fighting air pollution

The fight for the right to clean air is behind the goal of Earthjustice:
A non-profit law organization that believes in standards in order for people to breathe pure air, a right, not a luxury.

According to Earthjustice, one in three Americans live in heavily polluted areas. The NGO aims at changing the fact by helping impacted communities and ensuring that the Clear Air Act is upheld on every point, including the reduction of industrial pollution.

By using their expertise in keeping relevant organizations accountable and making sure they  adhere to the rules regarding air pollution, they’ve become a powerful and influential player in the fight against air pollution.

German VCD (German Sustainable Transport Association)

NGO VCD logo breezometer fighting air pollution
Since air pollution also plagues Europe, NGOs there are also taking a stand.
Although the AQD (Air Quality Directive) was implemented in Europe in 2008 to streamline air pollution policies, it didn’t seem to be enough to reduce air pollution. German VCD coordinates the Clear Air project with nine NGOs.

The VCD is also involved in two other projects related to reducing air pollution. One initiative from 2013 focused on promoting cycling in urban areas across Europe to promote clean air. The other project’s goal is to reduce toxic emissions from city buses by retrofitting public transportation options: “The ‘Clean Buses’ project chooses another approach towards cleaner air: retrofitting existing buses with diesel particulate filters. This reduces particulate matter emissions by more than 95%.”

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This blog was originally published January 2017 and has been updated to include additional relevant information on NGOs fighting air pollution to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens around the world.

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