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Happy New Year! Let's breathe cleaner air together in 2020

Ran Korber
Happy New Year

As we enter into both a new year and a new decade, this is the perfect time to plan for the year ahead and to reflect on the year just passed. We thought we'd review and share some of our key 2019 highlights with you -  2020 is set to be an even busier year for us, so stay tuned for many more updates to come!

BreezoMeter Highlights from 2019

Extended Worldwide Coverage


  • We dramatically extended our Air Pollution API coverage  meaning we now offer global real-time air pollution coverage in more than 90+ countries worldwide - this encompasses more than 26,000 cities and gives more than 6 billion people access to the air around them at all times.

    Of course, our API doesn't just cover cities, but all the rural areas in between, with coverage resolution at a street-level resolution of 250m-500m!

Improved Pollen Tracking Resolution 


  • Our pollen tracking improved in a huge way in 2019: We added 16 more countries to our Pollen API  taking our overall  coverage to 67 countries and counting. We also improved the way we understand pollen levels by plant type, significantly boosted our pollen resolution at the hyper-local level and launched our brand new, dynamically changing pollen map. Learn more about our pollen improvements here.

    Featured Image

  • As you can see from this stunning graphic, this year we also introduced comprehensive pollen heatmaps to the world!

    Try Pollen Map

Introduced Historical Air Quality Datasets


  • This news is fresh off the press! Businesses can now inform their strategic decision-making with up to 4-years worth of reliable hourly historical air pollution, pollen and weather data, accurate at the street-level. 

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Launched Active Fire Alerts API


  • 2019 saw the release of our brand new fire alerts, designed to alert users in real-time to active fires in their area and give them the power to protect themselves.

    Our Fire Alerts API is now available in 90+ countries for businesses and organizations looking to make use of this information, while individuals can access this information for free via our dedicated Active Fires web map or mobile app.

Fires API

 Released Personal Exposure Mobile App Feature 

  • To better inform our users of their individual exposure to air pollution, we released our new personal exposure feature to the free BreezoMeter app. Users now can track their real exposure to air pollution over a period of 24 hours for clearer insights into how their daily habits connects with the air they breathe.

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Brand New Air Quality Property Report for Homebuyers

People are more aware than ever of the air pollution around them and this is set to become a significant property market factor in the future. 

 In fact, a recent poll found as many as a fifth of all parents surveyed would move house in the next five years due to poor air quality where they live.

This was precisely the logic behind our newly updated and re-launched Air Quality Property Report. With this report, residential property owners can now access detailed year-long air quality data insights at a specific address to inform their buying decisions.

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Individual Air Pollutant Heatmaps in High-Resolution

Not only have we updated the granularity and level of detail provided by our own air pollution website heatmap, we now also provide  individual air pollutant heat maps. This means businesses and organizations can choose to visually represent individual pollutants such as PM2.5 depending on their specific requirements.

Air Pollution Heatmaps

What are your plans for 2020?

These are just some of the updates we've been working on this year and we're excited about the many new product launches, features and partnership announcements we've got coming.

To all of you that have joined us so far in our mission to improve the health of billions worldwide, we thank you!

What are your goals for 2020? Will you be taking measures to reduce your  exposure to poor air quality? 

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