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Residential Indoor Air Quality Trends in 2022 [Guide]

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By Daniel Leveson on March, 2 2022

In our latest guide, we reflect on the state of play of the residential indoor air quality market in 2022: We explore key consumer buying trends, new technologies and regulations, and expected areas of focus for digital transformation in the domestic air cleaning product market.

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What's In the Guide? 

We explore the growing consumer demand for healthier and more personalized air cleaning services, product innovations in the air cleaning space, and discuss how indoor air providers will become more than hardware suppliers by prioritizing their digital solutions and connectivity in 2022.

Why 2022 is the Year of the Healthy Home 

Climate change and air pollution awareness have coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic to dramatically increase consumer demand for healthier and safer homes - many more individuals now see the need for air cleaning products and expect their indoor air products to address the unique needs of our time.

New Recommended IAQ Safety Standards

A growing focus on healthy indoor home environments has encouraged new guidelines and recommendations for basic air treatment standards, such as higher MERV values and HEPA filters, which are now seen as ‘the new normal’ for residential HVAC systems and in-room cleaners.

Key Trends & Innovation in Air Cleaner Product Design 

We explore new air treatment technologies, evolving product designs, and the connected revolution in this industry, as providers begin to compete on digital experience, hone their filtration and efficiency technology, and consider eco-friendliness.

Air Purifier Brands Start to Compete on Ability to Use Data & Analytics

 In 2022 and beyond, indoor air brands will begin to compete based on how well they can make sense of new forms of ‘intelligence’ and ‘environmental data’ - when it comes to engaging and educating end-users, improving upon existing products, and successfully predicting demand.

Leading Innovators in the Residential Indoor Air Space

We review major technological advancements and collaborations that revolutionize residential indoor air management: intelligent air cleaning droids by iRobot, molecular-level air treatment technologies by Molekule, cutting-edge air quality tracking in the home and on the go with AirThings and Blueair’s AirView map, and even complete home automation with smart IAQ sensors and air purifiers via Delos’ Darwin Home Wellness Intelligence.


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