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It has been making headlines that the air pollution in India is bad. It is to the point that it is a national emergency. Despite smoggy days hitting the nation’s capital on a yearly basis, this year is a year for the record books, with pollution levels rising to 75 times what is considered safe by the WHO. United Airlines cancelled flights, factories and schools were closed, and against the recommendation of health officials, the New Delhi Half Marathon still took place.

Air pollution levels have been so high that BreezoMeter’s air quality index for New Dehli has consistently been in the “Poor Air Quality” range for what became weeks.

The smog was made worse after Diwali due particular weather conditions including low wind speed, lack of vertical wind and lower temperatures.

Why do Indian Companies choose BreezoMeter for their Air Quality Data API?

BreezoMeter’s air quality API covers all of India, whether it’s a big city, small town, or rural village – whether or not there is a government air quality monitoring station nearby. In New Delhi, with a population of more than 18 million, the fifth most populous city in the world, there are just 10 or so monitoring stations, so given the dynamic nature of air pollution and its dispersion, using multiple data sources is necessary to get a detailed picture.

BreezoMeter is the choice of major Indian companies for several reasons, including the fact that both the data and service are solid, consistent and reliable.

Children in India suffer from poor air quality

Almost 40% of India’s population are children under 14 years old. Half of 4.4 million school children in New Delhi are growing up with irreversible lung damage, like smoking 50 cigarettes a day. The air pollution problem in India is no doubt affecting children disproportionately.

The Air Quality Data – Business Connection

How can BreezoMeter, a data as a service (DaaS) company, help to positively impact the lives of billions of people? BreezoMeter helps businesses leverage product offerings by creating additional value, which in turn can improve their customers’ health.

Air Quality Business Features

BreezoMeter’s air quality data and business features can be integrated very easily into air purifiers, air quality monitors, and thermostats. Companies can help prepare people to make better decisions for their health, all while driving sales of their products.

Let’s look at the Indian air purifier giant, Eureka Forbes. One of the leading manufacturers of air purifiers in India, Eureka Forbes uses BreezoMeter’s air quality data to help in a country where air pollution is becoming a bigger and bigger problem with each year.

With the ability to provide their customers with location-specific, real-time air quality data, their air purifiers can be used anytime the outdoor air quality is not ideal for people’s health since indoor air quality is correlated with outdoor ambient air.

Air purifiers are not just simple offline home appliances anymore. New devices in today’s global market are already starting to be connected to wifi, meaning that they are connected to the power of the cloud, including all of BreezoMeter’s air quality data. Some new air purifiers also include indoor air pollution sensors that can measure one or more pollutants (for example small particulate matter – pm 2.5). If air quality is great outside, open the windows and let the fresh air in! Otherwise, close them and let the home appliance create a safe and healthy environment in your home. Location-specific air quality data from BreezoMeter will help boost sales and user engagement, as well as increase proper usage of the devices in people’s homes.

Providing air quality forecast data is another option for driving user engagement because users can be notified of actions they ought to take over the next 24 to 96 hours. This can build trust with the brand and the user and boost user engagement. Users can anticipate device usage and be prepared for when they’ll need to replace filters. The Air Quality – Marketing Connection

Global and Indian Marketing Agencies are also able to take advantage of hyperlocal real-time air quality data, to increase the value of advertising propositions to their customers. By integrating air quality data into advertising platforms, companies can target their campaigns based on certain thresholds, or preset triggers, for example, a certain air quality index or a specific pollutant. Let’s say you’re advertising air purifiers, and you want to focus your budget and efforts when the air quality is poor; or, for a different example, you are selling outdoor gear and you want to promote your products more aggressively where and when the air quality is not only good but forecasted to remain good for the coming days.

The business connection to air quality is unlimited, given that we are always breathing. Are you ready to help your customers breathe healthier air?

Itai Rosenzweig is the Business Development Manager at BreezoMeter, and has a B.A. in business economics.

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