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Increased Global Coverage for Air Pollution Data & Pollen Levels

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It is exciting to announce that we can now boast 83 countries covered in our air quality data, that companies can integrate into their products and apps via a simple-to-use API.

BreezoMeter is focused on improving the lives of billions of people around the world, by providing real-time, location-based air quality and pollen data via a B2B model, in order to help end-users limit their exposure to harmful air pollutants. It’s not just air pollution in the air, it’s also pollen, and with our growing client base, there is growing demand to increase the countries our algorithms cover.

Let’s get to it.

Which Countries Have Been Added to the BreezoMeter Air Quality Data API?

These 16 countries get us past 80! And in addition to these, there are another 4 countries where we have been able to add more station data.












Sri Lanka





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Talking About Pollen: More Countries Added to the Pollen API

Pollen data is different from air pollution data in many ways, including how it is monitored, and even that varies among different countries. Read here how pollen levels and air pollution have different effects on our health, and how to best decrease exposure to both. It will be easier to know what the pollen levels are, now that 10 new countries are included in BreezoMeter’s pollen API. Here they are:









Saudi Arabia



When Our Customers and Potential Partners Ask, BreezoMeter Listens

Our customers are key to our success and growth, and we are customer-focused. As a startup, we have the agility to create and develop according to customer needs as well as industry trends. We also get to do a lot of testing of new product ideas to see what our customers are most interested in.


What Are Some Of The Reasons For Adding Countries To Our Coverage?

BreezoMeter’s goal to help people improve their health by reducing exposure to harmful air pollution means that the more data we can make available via our API, the more people can be informed and make better decisions for their health. Some countries were added because we already have established station data there, which serves as an excellent basis for providing accurate coverage, but until now there wasn’t demand to support the costs of including the regions in our API. However, to stay ahead of the curve, we want to provide our users and customers with as much data as possible, and fill in some of the holes that previously existed in our intuitive air pollution heatmap.

Improving The User Experience

We want to make sure that users have a consistent and positive experience when searching for air quality data. That means that if a user searches for air quality on Google, and see the source data as BreezoMeter, click on BreezoMeter and get to our website, we want to make sure that the place the searched is available for them. There were some places that a user could see the data was from BreezoMeter, but when they got to the BreezoMeter site, the data wasn’t offered. This will no longer be the case. A smoother experience is now available as we provide our complete air quality algorithms for more countries for which we have air quality monitoring station data.

Additional Support of Local Air Quality Indexes

In addition to providing the BreezoMeter Air Quality Index, which is a global, unified index that makes it easy to understand air quality on a simple scale of 0 (poor) to 100 (excellent), BreezoMeter’s air quality API also provides the local air quality index for many countries, many of which have their own unique index, based on different key pollutants, and represented on different scales. Along with the added countries that the air quality API now covers, there are more local AQIs available, some for existing countries.

More Coverage in Existing Countries

Mexico and Peru have even more air quality data now, integrated into the algorithms, further increasing the accuracy. At BreezoMeter, we have really high standards for accuracy and user experience, and adding new data sources to our product is how we stay ahead and continue to be the world leader in providing air quality and pollen data to businesses around the world.

Are you ready to see how integrating air quality data in your product? Talk with one of our air quality experts.

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 Roni Mendelsohn is a software engineer at BreezoMeter, focusing on data retrieval for algorithms.


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