Not Everyone is Right for Your Company: How BreezoMeter Finds the Right Candidates

It can be difficult for smaller tech companies to compete with the Tech giants when it comes to recruiting new employees. While people naturally assume that the organizations with the cushiest benefits and highest pay will always win, we believe many people today give more weight to a company’s mission statement and core values when choosing a new position.

The Y and Z generations demonstrate greater interest in positive social progress, personal health, and climate change – we’ve seen many candidates look for more than just a high base salary and a dreamy office playground. They look for companies whose core values align with theirs, and whose mission statement goals will make them feel like they’re contributing to the betterment of society.

Stiff Competition – It’s a Free-For-All

‘Cushy’ benefits have become synonymous with the High Tech industry: From high salaries to all-encompassing corporate retreats in dreamy vacation spots. Competition is stiff among the Big Tech giants, as well as among those comparatively lower on the totem pole. The “knife fight” between the different companies leads to all sorts of creative recruitment campaign ventures, from Google’s billboard math equation that leads solvers to their hiring site to Amazon’s advertisement on a popular dating app to even creating a 5-minute long comedy sketch spoofing big hit reality cooking shows like Microsoft Israel. We all have to compete with these grandiose and loud recruitment campaign ads for the same candidate pool.

The Mission Statement Matters

Since we’re not quite one of the Big Tech Five, we’ve had to find creative ways to generate interest among the candidate pool. But we believe that lavish pay and benefits are not the sole determining factors for a modern workforce. People are interested in working for companies who impact the world in a positive way: According to a survey report from Deloitte, climate change, social progress, and mental and physical health are among the top concerns for members of the Y and Z generations. The young workforce of today places greater importance on working for companies with similar values and social progress goals as theirs – and it’s important to us to find employees who share a genuine passion with the mission statement of the company and the goals of our organization.

How We Find Mission-Passionate Employees

The main challenge when recruiting new employees, besides reaching the desired candidates, is ensuring we find personnel who share the same values and goals as our company.

We’ve found a few methods work really for us:

  • Clearly Expressing Our Mission Statement

We like to be upfront with potential candidates by specifying the core values of BreezoMeter and the traits we’re looking for in new employees. This applies to social platforms as well as job recruitment ads. We write down our mission statement on our website and try to emphasize it in different ads to ensure we appeal to those who resonate with our core belief and message. Since many of us tech companies are vying for the same candidates, highlighting BreezoMeter’s values and goals when it comes to environmental protection and personal health helps distinguish us from would-be competitors.

  • Employee Referrals

The refer-a-friend system has been incorporated into many recruitment strategies in all sorts of businesses and we find this channel incredibly useful as well. Current employees might have acquaintances with whom they share similar values, and asking our staff to refer individuals they believe will make a good contribution to our team reduces the unknown variable that exists with recruiting people from the general candidate pool. We believe our employees can be our best advocates, as they understand the work and the social dynamics within the company, and can be good judges of whether their friends and acquaintances will fit into BreezoMeter’s organizational ecosystem.

  • Looking For Shared Common Passions On Social Networks

People who are passionate about certain health and environmental topics often partake in various voluntary initiatives. With the prevalence of Facebook groups and other social network activities, we believe such hubs are a good place to find candidates who share the same social progress goals as BreezoMeter, and are looking to engage in projects aligned with our core values.

Who We’re Looking For

While benefits and salary are certainly important, more than ever before, a significant portion of the modern workforce is looking to work for a company whose vision they believe in. As CTO and Co-founder at BreezoMeter, I know I am looking for individuals who, beyond the necessary qualifications, are passionate about topics of social progress like protecting the environment, health equity, and improving people’s lives, which are at the nucleus of our mission statement.

BreezoMeter started as a project we could strongly believe in. We had the space to be creative, to build something significant for society and to do it from scratch. This was a dream fulfilled and we wanted to provide the same for anyone coming on board. We created a company that puts focus on the right culture and celebrates its employees. Today it is each individual’s contribution plus the people-focused culture that remains the secret sauce to our success.

For more information about open positions at BreezoMeter, check out our careers page!

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Emil Fisher
Emil Fisher

CTO & Co-founder @BreezoMeter. I have a B.Sc. in Software Engineering (Technion) and many years of experience in hi-tech and major defense projects. I'm passionate about solving technological problems in our environmentally challenged world.