How Aldes Makes Homes & Buildings Smarter with Air Quality Data

We recently wrote about how smart home brands have seen the growing need for in-home health solutions. Consumers are becoming more aware of the indoor air quality health risks and are looking for reliable data from their smart home providers. Luckily, brands are answering the call.

Today, I’m excited to announce BreezoMeter partnership with Aldes, a manufacturer of ventilation products, to add outdoor air quality data (real-time and forecasts) to their AldesConnect™ app (AndroidiOS) and website.

Through this partnership, consumers and businesses can monitor, control and automate their air purifiers in accordance with surrounding outdoor as well as indoor air quality.

InspirAIR® Home2.jpgAldes InspirAIR® Home

“Our partnership with BreezoMeter is a prime example of our commitment to the development of smarter, healthier, and more energy-efficient living spaces,” said Marc Brevière, Marketing and Communications Director of Aldes. “The combination of BreezoMeter’s powerful algorithm and our centralized purification solutions allows users to take control of the air they’re breathing on an accurate, large-scale basis.”

Beyond benefiting Aldes customers, partnering with BreezoMeter made good business sense. Including air quality analytics in smart home products can boost usage, and keep products top of mind for users. This results in increased post-sales purchases, word of mouth referrals, and brand loyalty. Contractors, business owners, and architects can use BreezoMeter real-time information to power the filtration systems within their buildings, regulate airflow, minimize the load on heating and cooling systems, and significantly reduce energy use.

AldesConnectApp.jpegAldesConnect™ app with BreezoMeter Air Quality Data

Consumers can already download AldesConnect™ for use with their InspirAIR® Home and Dee Fly Cube air purifiers. The newly added outdoor data instructs users on when to open their windows for fresh air, or keep their families healthy by closing up and purifying surrounding air. Moreover, Aldes is providing BreezoMeter’s air quality forecast to alert on changing conditions.

To access BreezoMeter’s air quality data in conjunction with Aldes filtration systems, visit the online interactive display, or download AldesConnect™ through Google Play and iOS. While the online interactive display is available only in France it will soon be available in other countries worldwide.


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