Haut.AI Transforms Skincare Recommendation Engine using BreezoMeter’s Environmental Data 

Using BreezoMeter’s environmental data, Haut.AI, the innovators behind the image-based skin, hair and nail analysis technology, has transformed its skincare recommendation engine. Going forward, Haut. AI’s smarter skin analysis will help individuals understand how their skin responds to the environment, and guide consumers towards the products best suited for their individual needs.

Haut.AI & BreezoMeter Partner to Perform In-Depth Skin Analysis in Three Seconds

Haut.AI and BreezoMeter’s datasets were combined into analytical models, using AI and Machine Learning, to identify patterns of environmental influence on different skin types, depending on the person’s location. 

Based on their detailed data analysis, Haut.AI identified three new groups of environmental-related skin behaviors which were integrated into the Haut.AI product matching technology to allow beauty brands to provide consumers with deeper skincare personalization.

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Learn how Haut.AI leverages BreezoMeter’s air quality information to keep up with global beauty personalization trends, adding environmental factors such as air quality into their skincare analysis.

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The Need for Personalized Skincare based on Environmental Factors

According to the Frontiers in Environmental Science review, the increase of air pollution over the years has major effects on human skin. Repeated exposure to air pollutants such as Particulate Matter, alters the normal functions of the skin via oxidative damage that can lead to skin aging, allergies, and skin diseases such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and skin cancer. Exposure to pollutants varies by location and the skin’s response to pollutants varies from person to person. Accounting for environmental factors is crucial for a truly tailored and personalized skin care recommendation experience:   

The task of personalized skincare recommendations, especially in the context of environmental factors, is complicated due to the array of skin types and every person’s unique response to environmental factors,”

said Anastasia Georgievskaya, Haut.AI CEO

The partnership with BreezoMeter allows Haut.AI to combine accurate environmental analytics with unique consumer skin profiling based on 100+ facial skin biomarkers, to deliver hyper-personalized skincare recommendations that help preserve skin health, slow aging and maintain an attractive appearance.”

Haut.AI Increases Number of Partnerships with Key Global Skincare Brands by 200+% 

The use of BreezoMeter’s data in Haut.AI’s  skincare recommendation engine has helped them expand their reach and increase the number of partnerships with global skincare brands by 200+% within a year –  10 of which are major brands such as Ulta Beauty.  Haut.AI was also named by Insight Ace Analytics, as one of the key players in the digital skincare market.

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