Using Air Quality Data to Drive Air Purifier Sales

What’s the link between air purifiers and air quality data? How can air purifier brands boost sales and engagement levels by adding in this data? Let’s find out.

Air pollution is becoming one of the biggest health risks of our time, affecting millions of people worldwide. Air purifier and HVAC brands offer some great solutions to make air purifier sales and help consumers protect their health, but they face the challenge of convincing consumers to purchase solutions for a problem they can’t see.

This is where outdoor air quality data comes in. BreezoMeter data helps your brand get noticed by making air quality visible, actionable, and local.

We recently published a free eBook especially designed for HVAC & air purifier brands who are looking to boost air purifier sales of their air quality products, improve customer satisfaction, and grow their referral rate.

It’s an actionable guide that answers 3 important questions:

  • Why brands are investing in outdoor air quality data
  • How they’re implementing it to increase air purifier sales and improve user satisfaction
  • What results they’re getting

Air Purifier Sales And Air Quality Data: How To Grow Your Sales With Real-time Data

Your products might live indoors, but it’s the outdoor air your customers need reliable, location-specific data for. Use that data to show customers the risks to their health and their family’s health, and how your products can be part of their daily health regime. 

Our eBook teaches you how air quality data can help raise awareness and increase the need for air purifiers and other air quality solutions. While other brands are offering air quality data inside the home, give your brand a competitive edge by providing data for the outside as well. After all, outdoor air will impact air inside the home. 

Boosting User Satisfaction, Increasing Post-Purchases

Your customer’s satisfaction will determine two things: 

  1. How often they use your product
  2. Who they tell about it

Many air purifiers end up in storage after a couple of uses. Our eBook demonstrates how providing users with real-time air quality data will keep customers engaging with your product day after day.

And with increased usage, customers are more likely to invest in post-purchase items like new filters, maintenance service, or additional products from your brand.

When customers know your brand cares about their health, they’re willing to talk about it. With outdoor air quality data, HVAC and air purifier brands can greatly increase their chances of referrals, both on social media and traditional word of mouth.  Read about how brands like Foobot are using BreezoMeter data to become an important part of their users’ daily health habits.

Air Quality Data: Is it Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Giving people real data about the air around them creates a powerful visual, and has been proven to be an effective marketing tool. Brands like Eureka Forbes and Dyson are already using air quality data in their social media campaigns and print ads to help users see the risks. 

Our eBook shows how you can use air quality data to bolster not only your ads, but also your landing pages, social media, and email campaigns, alerting consumers to that invisible threat. 

How Full is Your Solution?

Air pollution is now considered to be a major threat to worldwide health. That means people need air quality solutions more than ever. It also means your brand isn’t the only one offering them.

Our guide will teach you how becoming a full pollution solution can set your brand apart in a crowded air quality marketplace. We offer practical tips on how you can integrate outdoor air quality data with your product’s interface – whether it’s your product’s app, or a digital dashboard – giving users a powerful daily reminder of the health risks they face, plus real-time advice on how to best use your product.

Using BreezoMeter data, our eBook outlines how you can upgrade consumer apps to boost user satisfaction and provide daily value, making your product an integral part of your users’ health strategy.

Conclusion: Use Data to Help Customers See the Truth about Air Pollution

Consumers are unlikely to act on a threat they can’t see. By using real-time, local air quality data in your products and marketing campaigns, you can better convince consumers of the need for air quality solutions. Download our free eBook and learn how air purifier and HVAC brands are already using BreezoMeter’s air quality data to drive air purifier sales, improve user satisfaction, and increase their referrals.

free ebook to increase air purifier sales with BreezoMeter

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