A Fresh Approach: Blueair's Integration of Air Quality Data

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Have you considered what it would mean to your customers to provide outdoor air quality data, either integrated into your connected devices directly, or via a mobile app, as a reference for them to guide efficient and engaged use of your products?

Looking to rise above the competition?

As an air purification company, you might be wondering if integrating air quality data might help you better communicate the benefits of your products, the value you deliver to your customers. Are you looking for an innovative approach to engage your potential and current customers on the topic of the air they breathe?

Leading air purification company Blueair has turned their dedication to clean indoor air into a mission that will improve the lives of children, the elderly, and ordinary people around the world, with their world-class air purifiers.

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Indoor air pollution can be up to five times worse than that of the ambient air outside, a statistic from the US EPA, and concerning, given that Americans spend some 90% of their time indoors. But there are some simple steps to take, in this blog post by BreezoMeter's Co-founder, environmental engineer Ziv Lautman.

How does your company solve a problem that is generally invisible, like indoor air pollution? What would you do if you were offered a solution that could benefit the health of your customers, and at the same time increase their engagement with your brand, increase the value of your products, and boost your sales and up-sales?

Learn more about how Blueair is embracing connectivity and data in order to help educate their customers and provide a complete air pollution solution product to the global air purifier market.

One of the strategies Blueair has chosen to boost sales and increase product reach is integrating BreezoMeter's location-based, real-time outdoor air quality data, both into their consumer app as well as into their educational and wildly engaging air view maps. Read about some of these innovative approaches as well.

Interested in learning more about how integrating outdoor air quality data can help your brand innovate smarter and better connect to your customers?

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Also, be sure to check out the newly published use case about Blueair's integration of BreezoMeter's outdoor air quality data:

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"Blueair can focus on their goals of cleaning the air of their new customers, while being supported by the accurate outdoor air quality data they already integrated in their existing markets."


Air quality, a priority for school-aged children

Blueair is crucially aware of the impact clean air can make for the lungs of the most vulnerable around us, including our children, the elderly, those with underlying cardiac or respiratory diseases like asthma or COPD and so on, and has been involved with projects focusing on getting air purifiers to where they are most needed. For example, this London school installed Blueair air purifiers in each of its classrooms, to address the issues associated with the toxic air the city has been facing on a more and more regular basis. The article talks about the disastrous air quality that the city of London is grappling with, and how Blueair donated air purifiers to the elementary school so that children there would be able to breathe clean air in order to better focus on learning.

What can companies do?

Without knowing what is in the air we breathe, no one - not companies, governments, schools, or concerned parents - can help reduce exposure to, and the harmful health effects of toxic air pollutants. However, by integrating air quality data that is both relevant to the exact location of interest, and available in real time, we can all start making better choices for our health and for the ones we care about. Explore the interactive pollution heatmap to understand how dynamic air pollution is, and how it isn't necessarily as visible as just looking out the window, as your could do with the weather.

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We invite you to dive into the Blueair use case to get some new ideas about how your company can make use of location-based, real-time air quality data to benefit your customers, your product value, and of course, bottom line.

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