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Indoor Air Quality

eBook! How Smart Air Purifier & HVAC Companies Personalize the Indoor Air Experience

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By Amalia Helen on January, 5 2021
Smart Home Tech

In this eBook we explore the rising consumer demand for personalization in the home & explain why smart air purifier & HVAC companies are turning to air quality data to personalize their indoor air product experiences.

What’s in the eBook? 

We explore the rising demand for smart home devices & tailored experiences, and explain how these trends impact the expectations consumers have from their indoor air quality treatment products:

1. Growing Consumer Awareness of Poor Air Quality 

As individuals learn more about the environmental health threats around them, they understand the value of products and experiences that help solve this problem for them. This creates a significant opportunity for forward-thinking HVAC, BMS & air purifier companies who find creative ways to tackle this very problem.

2. The Need for 24/7 Personalized Air Quality Tracking

Poor air quality poses a significant health risk both indoors and outdoors. For this reason, HVAC & air purifier makers need to address the reality of the Indoor-Outdoor Air Pollution Continuum i.e. the full 24 hour cycle of the air an individual has breathed in. 

3. What Makes a Successful Smart Home Product?

For any smart indoor air experience to prove successful, it’s essential that it is designed to become a daily necessity for the end user. We explore the key checkboxes that need to be ticked off for a smart home device or product to become a consumer must-have.

4. How Environmental Insights Boost HVAC & Air Purifier Product Revenue

We explore the importance of providing valuable and personalized insights to the end user, and explain how delivering holistic and tailored user experiences eventually serve to boost user engagement, cross-sales and overall product revenue.


Why Personalize Indoor Air Experience


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