IoT & AI Take Center Stage at CES 2022: BreezoMeter’s Favorite Innovations!

CES 2022 wrapped up over the weekend, and the future looks smarter than ever. Here are some (and there were many!) – of our favorite air quality and health-related innovations that were showcased over the weekend by established technology brands as well as emerging startups. Think we should add something? Write it in the comments!

Health & Wellness Gets Techy in a Personal Way

OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in remote blood pressure monitoring and personal health tech, introduced new remote patient monitoring services utilizing connected heart monitors and advanced mobile apps set to strengthen patient-physician connections and guide heart disease sufferers in behavior change towards better health outcomes.

OMRON Remote Patient Monitoring

OMRON’s Hypertension Plus app (Image originally featured on

OMRON also spotlighted its new research collaboration with Kyoto University to investigate how AI can accurately predict cardiovascular diseases at earlier stages. Since we know air quality can greatly impact heart disease outcomes, we believe integrating environmental monitoring and insights will become the company’s next step to empower patients, inform heart health research, and enable physicians to track patient exposure and apply treatment instructions in real-time.

New IoT Connected Personal Health & Connected Beauty Tools!

We’ve also seen new connected wellness devices in the wearable health tech space explore new ways to track and gain insights from our physiological changes.

Abbott Labs, which gained prominence thanks to COVID-19 self-test kits, has created a line of replaceable bio-wearable arm patches called Lingo, which gauge blood glucose, ketone, and lactate levels. The sensors transmit data to a connected app which can, in turn, suggest dietary changes helping users meet target weight goals.

Movano demonstrated a fitness and health tracker ring designed to provide wearers with different wellness metrics such as heart rate and body temperature and educate them on how exercise can affect their sleep. The ring also offers additional value to women specifically, with its temperature screening feature potentially used to monitor fertility.

L'Oréal Colorsonic

L’Oréal’s Colorsonic device (Image originally featured on

L’Oréal has also introduced new innovations this year. Following the successful launch of their personalized skincare solution at last year’s show, the cosmetics giant unveiled new innovations ahead of CES 2022: ‘Colorsonic’ and ‘Coloright’, advanced hair stylish gadgets dedicated to transforming the hair coloring experience at home and in salons.

The Latest in Air Purification & Smart Home Technology!

Indoor air quality leader AirThings debuted new additions to its View product series, the View Pollution and View Radon. These new indoor air quality monitors are dedicated to measuring some of the most harmful pollutants including city smog and wildfire smoke, in addition to monitoring temperature and humidity levels.

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 15.53.27

OneLife also presented at CES 2022, demonstrating the exceptional abilities of its app-connected OneLife X plasma air purifier capable of filtering 99.99% of pollutants in addition to viruses and bacteria. The device is equipped with an intelligent precision laser to target even ultrafine particles and VOCs, and also enables voice control operation.

LG too announced their new product, which utilizes both HEPA filters to capture particles and a UV LED system for bacteria elimination. In addition, the company introduced the CLOi guidebot which serves as a mobile information center for different facilities, providing users with destination guidance via an integrated map and even escorting them to their destination.

Connected Vehicles & Intelligent Mobility – The GREEN Revolution Continues!

We’ve seen a whole lot of exciting innovations in smart mobility this year, ranging from commercial vehicle automation to driver assistance and even new entries in the electric car space.

GM revealed its Electric Chevy Silverado as the latest entry in the ever-expanding electric car market while German carmaker ZF displayed the progress made in driving vehicle intelligence which they dub ‘The Next Generation of Mobility’, making it clear that complete vehicle automation is becoming more and more of a reality every day.

GM Silverado EV

GM’s new electric Silverado (image originally featured on

Speaking of automation, John Deere unveiled a fully autonomous tractor that can operate 24-hours a day, revolutionizing future agriculture practices and creating major potential for expansion.

Mercedes also demonstrated innovations in the vehicle automation space. The company has integrated the HERE HD live map with its DRIVE PILOT system to enable automatic vehicles to effectively ‘see around corners’ by delivering precise information about the road, including road rules, detailed lane level data, road, and intersection geometry, signage, and driving restrictions.

BMW didn’t get left behind, revealing its iX electric car that can change the shading of its exterior from white to black or gray through the use of E Ink coating (yes, just like a Kindle). While still only a concept version, this invention carries practical benefits in addition to stylistic ones, as lighter shades will keep the car cooler on hot days, and darker ones will keep it warmer during cold ones.

In-Cabin Air Treatment

Naturally, we love seeing companies give more focus to protecting people from poor air quality on the road, especially for communal riding experiences where we have less control over our exposure.

Valeo UV Health Shield

Valeo’s UV health shield (image originally featured on

Valeo was named a CES 2022 innovation awards honoree with its UV Air Purifier protective shield for buses and coaches, potentially providing a major solution for reducing viral spread risk (for COVID-19 and other viruses) in public transportation. Naturally, the next step we’d like to see is integrating environmental data with public bus monitors to empower passengers to protect themselves during and upon leaving the vehicle.

We’re already looking forward to what else 2022 has in store! We ourselves have some exciting product innovations in the works… watch this space!

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