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CES 2018 Panel: A Digital Health Trailblazer, Clean Air For All

Julie Ach

What does it mean to truly be a trailblazer? To carve out one’s own way forward, where others have yet to go? What is common among companies that are capturing people’s imagination and pushing their way forward to make positive change?

Join the discussion with BreezoMeter’s Co-Founder and CMO, Ziv Lautman to learn more about these 3 key similarities among trailblazers:
  • Making a real impact on people’s lives and behavior.
  • Redefining industry boundaries
  • It’s more than money game for them. It’s a life mission.

Over the past 20 years, we as a society have revolutionized our food and water consumption. Think for a moment about how much attention you give to the food you eat: food groups, different kinds carbohydrates and fats, calorie counts, not to mention drinking clean water which many of us simply take for granted when we turn on our taps.

Why are companies that tackle environmental-health problems likely to become trailblazers?

We believe that air quality will be the next revolution

What if you could know exactly what you breathing? What’s the quality of the air right now, how will it change over the next few hours and days, at the resolution of a city block?

Is breathing a risk we need or want to take?

While there are some risks we can’t easily avoid (crossing a street, crime) and some we don’t want to (flights, bungee jumping), some risks we can avoid, but only if we can know they exist, (like air pollution). Exposure to air pollution is a risk we don’t want to take, but need help to see and understand the threat that isn’t always clearly visible.

Reducing air pollution will take time, and will require the collaboration and cooperation of governments, businesses and other entities. But with air pollution contributing to more than 6.5 million deaths each year, press coverage and therefore public awareness of this global issue have been increasing faster than any reduction of the problem can take place. Businesses and municipalities want to protect their customers and citizens by helping people reduce their exposure to poor air quality, while the slower, big changes take place.

What if we could create a system that focuses not on treating health event caused by poor air quality, like respiratory crises caused by asthma and COPD triggers, but on preventing the exposure that causes them in the first place?

This is exactly what we do at BreezoMeter. Our mission is to improve the health of millions of people who are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution, by providing the most accurate and location-based air quality data so that you know exactly what you and your family are breathing.

Come hear the talk:

Emerging Tech: AI, VR, Biometrics, Diagnostics, Data

Wednesday, January 10

3:30-5 PM Tech West, Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4304

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From developing new life-saving techniques and virtual surgical training, to personal health management and behavior change, biometric sensing, VR, artificial intelligence and other emerging innovations are helping to revolutionize the way healthcare operates and is transforming patient care.

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