BreezoMeter’s Pitch at Unreasonable Impact UK

Barclays is one of the largest financial institutions of our time, and with Unreasonable Group, they have launched Unreasonable Impact, the world’s first international network of accelerators focused on scaling up entrepreneurial solutions that will help employ thousands worldwide while solving some of our most pressing societal challenges.

The program, designed to assist entrepreneurs who are re-imagining our world and innovating for a greener future, aims to create high quality jobs around the world, while addressing key issues such as air pollution, a leading health risk worldwide. According to the WHO, air pollution exposure is the top cause of death in children under 5 years old, linked to the environment.

BreezoMeter is proud to be among the 30+ companies committed to growing to 500 employees over the five year partnership.

Watch the video here explaining BreezoMeter’s mission and solution to help billions of people worldwide have access to intuitive and actionable air quality data, so they can make smart decisions which lead to better health.

More about BreezoMeter at Unreasonable Impact

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Ran Korber
Ran Korber

CEO & Co-founder at @BreezoMeter. My burning ambition is to improve the health and quality of life for billions of people across the globe by providing accurate and actionable air quality data. As co-founder and CEO at BreezoMeter, I'm proud to be able to work towards bringing my dream to fruition each day.