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BreezoMeter’s New Live Wildfire Tracking: Revolutionizing Fire Monitoring!

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By Amit Lesman on August, 26 2021
BreezoMeter New Live Fire Tracker

We’re incredibly excited to announce the official release of our Wildfire Tracker: New revolutionary environmental monitoring technology which provides complete visibility into active fire perimeters, alongside visualizations of toxic smoke pollution.

Why Tracking Wildfires in Real-Time Has Become Essential

The earth’s rapidly changing climate has made wildfire seasons longer and far more catastrophic across North America, Australia, and many parts of Europe. 

Without real-time active fire reporting capabilities, fire protection services are struggling to preemptively contain wildfires, forcing thousands to evacuate, putting lives and property at risk, and leaving millions exposed to toxic smoke. Children, the elderly, and people with chronic heart and respiratory diseases are especially vulnerable to the impact of wildfires on air quality.

Smarter wildfire tracking has become essential for monitoring worsening air quality, dynamic fire progression, and protecting those most at risk.


Wildfire Tracker

Introducing BreezoMeter’s Live Wildfire Tracker 

Our wildfire tracking technology means companies can empower their users to make informed decisions based on active wildfire and real-time air quality changes in their area. 

The Wildfire Tracker’s dynamic fire perimeter visualizations highlight the boundaries of active wildfires and chart them as they move. Presented alongside our highly-granular air quality intelligence and active fire alerts, individuals and businesses now have access to potentially life-saving new information.

Third-party integration possibilities include:

  • GPS and Live Maps - data regarding active wildfires and worsening air quality can factor into safe travel route analysis for drivers, commuters, cyclists, and pedestrians. Integration into trekking, hiking, and jogging apps is also possible. 

  • Smart Home Networks - connected home devices can alert users to negative wildfire impact on air quality, and keep homeowners updated on the status of nearby active fires, signal evacuation warnings, and defensive measures when needed.

  • Weather Apps - wildfire intelligence can enhance weather forecasts, providing a more complete environmental picture and better empowering users to safeguard themselves and their families. 

  • Insurance & Risk Assessment - insurers can utilize increased visibility into fire behavior to improve risk assessments to people and property. They can also enhance risk prevention, educating customers in fire-prone regions for proactive protection and alerting them to local blazes in real-time.

  • Supply Chains and Logistics Companies - transportation and delivery route planning programs can factor in wildfire boundaries to forecast obstacles, adjust journeys in real-time, and thus avoid delays.

This innovative live wildfire tracking technology has all of us here at BreezoMeter very excited about the potential to save lives and protect families and businesses. As our CEO and Co-founder, Ran Korber, says:

“As wildfires worsen, the public needs the same level of accuracy around fires that they’ve come to expect of rain, snow, and other traditional weather forecasts. Our new technology enables people to protect themselves by adjusting their daily lives without any fear or doubt that the information they’re getting is reliable. It additionally gives companies the tools they need to adapt their operations and offerings, and authorities the real-time information they need to act quicker and smarter.”

You can learn more about our revolutionary active wildfire tracking with our dedicated technology guide and test it out for yourself here on our live map!

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