BreezoMeter’s COVID-19 Think Tank & Business Continuity Response

The whole team at BreezoMeter has been shocked and appalled by the scale of the COVID-19 impact around the world.

We wanted to reassure all of our partners, customers and global users that even at challenging times like these, the team at BreezoMeter is committed to providing everyone with a high level of service.

COVID-19 Threat & Low Air Quality Areas

In the last few weeks, we’ve been approached by many sources for our thoughts regarding the current situation and a possible correlation between COVID-19 severe symptoms and air pollution exposure.

The Washington Post covered this possible correlation, as well as the Guardian: The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) has warned that dirty air in urban areas that causes hypertension, diabetes and other respiratory illness could lead to a higher overall death toll from the virus currently sweeping the world.

We explore the connections in a lot more detail here.

BreezoMeter’s COVID-19 ThinkTank

In response to these findings, we’ve started to look into solutions that will help us to deliver practical tools to the public and the most vulnerable segments of society at this time, meanwhile taking advantage of BreezoMeter’s IP and specific experience within the healthcare industry.

If you’re interested in providing feedback and input, or partnering, we would, of course, love to hear from you. To send along your suggestions, please contact us in the first instance at We will, of course, take all of your input into consideration.

24/7 Support

  • As schools shut and usual patterns are disrupted, flexibility is needed. Despite increased remote working, we’re offering a 24/7 support service and will be available round the clock to answer queries or questions.

Sending our best wishes to you all during this trying and unpredictable time.

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Ran Korber
Ran Korber

CEO & Co-founder at @BreezoMeter. My burning ambition is to improve the health and quality of life for billions of people across the globe by providing accurate and actionable air quality data. As co-founder and CEO at BreezoMeter, I'm proud to be able to work towards bringing my dream to fruition each day.